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Roomba 877 Review – Worth The Hype or Not?

If you are searching for the best Roomba vacuum for your home, there are just as many choices as there are floor plans in your city. There are also a lot of things to consider such as price, features, abilities and style. Should the Roomba 877 make your list?

Roomba 630 Review – The Pet Friendly Budget Roomba?

If your home has a floor, this article is for you. I will assume it does and that you are still here. I want to talk to you about the Roomba 630 robotic vacuum. I know what a struggle it is to maintain the cleanliness of your floors. Especially if you are busy, or have to run around after small children all day.

iRobot Roomba 680 Review – Everything You Need to Know

Roomba is a name synonymous with robotic vacuums. iRobot started the home cleaning robot infatuation in 2001 and they haven’t slowed down. With the 900 series now being produced, consumers are looking for alternatives to the older lineups. The Roomba 680 is one that gets a lot of attention.

Roomba 801 Review – Everything You Need to Know

With the state of technology today, we have the ability to automate nearly every aspect of our homes. Keeping the floors clean is one of those aspects. iRobot has led the floor cleaning automation industry with the Roomba line, including the Roomba 801.

Roomba 652 Review – A Solid Entry Level Vacuum

We all know about the robotic vacuum craze and we all want one of these little machines in our home, cleaning our floors while we work on other important things; like Season 9 of the show on Netflix. However, we have too many options. One of those options is the Roomba 652.

Roomba 614 Review – Reliable Barebones Cleaning Machine

The Roomba line has been the bar setting standard for home robot vacuums since their first robot in 2001. Since that time they have constantly raised that bar, making all others keep pace. When iRobot released the Roomba 614, they took a turn back to the basics.

Shark Ion Robot 720 Review – A Solid Entry-Level Vacuum

Perhaps you are thinking about bringing a robotic vacuum into your home. Maybe you have seen the commercials or have a neighbor that has one. So you do a little research online only to find you have more choices out there than the old lady down the road has cats. The Shark Ion Robot 720, is just one of those choices.

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