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Shark Ion Robot vs Roomba – Which One is the Better Buy?

Updated: April 12, 2019

Ever since home cleaning robots were introduced to the market, iRobot has lead the way. The Roomba line has become the standard all other manufacturers are held to. Shark introduced the Ion 750 to compete with the Roomba. Could this be the Roomba Killer everyone is waiting for?

Ilife vs Roomba – How Do These Brands Compare?

Robotics and home automation are quickly becoming the new normal. Almost gone are the days when you had to clean your entire home top to bottom all by yourself. Now, you can enlist a virtual army of robots to help you clean and maintain your home.

Samsung POWERbot R7010 Review: All You Need to Know

When it comes to robotic vacuums, there are a lot of options vying for your attention. One of the most common enticements is the affordability of the economy class robots. The Samsung POWERbot R7010 is one such vacuum. Will it give you what you need, though?

What are the differences between Neato BotVac D3 and D5?

We live in a world where robots are taking over. However, this isn’t some Isaac Asimov tale, at least not yet. For now, the robots are still willing to help us. Cleaning our floors is the job of many robot vacuums. Until the Singularity does occur, the Neato BotVac D3 and Neato BotVac D5 might be the robots you are looking for.

Eufy vs Roomba – Is the RoboVac 11+ Too Good to be True?

The odds are you are here because you are interested in getting started with robotic vacuums. However, if you are either on a tight budget, or you don’t want to go all out just yet, you may not know which one to choose. Getting started with robotic vacuums, you have probably heard of the budget-friendly iRobot Roomba 690.

What you may not know about though is the Chinese based Eufy RoboVac 11 +. Another budget-friendly vacuum that reviewers are claiming is going to unseat the king of autonomous vacuums. So how does the Eufy stack up against the Roomba 690?

In this article, I will cover all the features and options of each model. We will learn about the pros and cons as well as a side by side comparison of the two robots. I will also detail the features, so you know what they really do, and I will even answer your most common questions.