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Ring Video Doorbell 2 vs 3: Complete Comparison Review

With the new Ring Video Doorbell 3 released, a lot of Ring 2 users are wondering if the new version is worth the upgrade. In this article we will examine both the Ring 2 and the Ring 3. I will even touch on the Ring 3 Plus if you are still undecided.

A side-by-side comparison of Ring Video Doorbell 2 vs Ring Video Doorbell 3.

Ring Video Doorbell 3 Vs. Ring Pro – Is Newer Better?

Amazon’s Ring has developed and released a new version of the video doorbell series. The Ring 3 comes with a lot of punch and a few surprises. It even includes an upgraded version known as the Ring 3 Plus. Will it be enough to sway buyers from the popular Ring Pro?

Ecobee Smart Thermostat vs Ecobee 4 – What’s Different?

Ecobee is a name that we have come to know and love. Their smart home devices are durable, easy to use, and robust with features and options. The Ecobee 4 used to be the top-tier thermostat for many homes. Recently, though, Ecobee released the latest model, the Ecobee Smart Thermostat.

A side-by-side comparison of Ecobee Smart Thermostat vs Ecobee 4 along with their respective sensors.

11 Awesome Home Automation Ideas

Home Automation isn’t a new idea. For over three decades homes have been adding technology to increase productivity, save money or even just to show off. Bill Gates reportedly paid $250,000 to have his Medina, Washington home incorporate heated drive and walkways to melt the snow and ice in the winter.

Ecobee 4 vs Honeywell – Which Thermostat is Better for You?

The battle for the best smart home thermostat continues. Between companies like Nest, Honeywell and Ecobee, it is a race to the top. Every person will have their favorite and I make no secret that currently, I believe the best on the market to be the Ecobee4.

Ecobee 4 vs Honeywell RTH9585WF