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Vera Edge or VeraLite, Two Vera Smart Home Controllers, Only One Home

How smart can one home be? Vera thinks your home can be extremely smart. So smart, Vera has created an entire line of smart home controllers with different features and price ranges for a wide variety of needs and budgets.

Each of the smart home controllers in the Vera lineup control a large number of devices, ranging from light bulbs to thermostats, automatically turning the devices on and off as members of your household enter and leave. But how do you determine which of Vera smart home controllers is right for your home? We took a look at the VeraEdge and the VeraLite to compare the features of each.

Wink Hub 2 vs Samsung SmartThings

With so many new devices adding smart features, it can be tough to decide which smart hub controller you should buy, spend the time to configure, and enjoy automating your home with. Do you opt for more compatibility with more devices; do you opt for the big brand name backing your smart hub; do you look for easy to use software to make programming your automation a breeze?

Samsung SmartThings vs Vera Control VeraLite

We live in an exciting time in technological history. Gone are the days of manually turning on a light. In fact, gone are the days of manually doing many things around the house (except laundry and washing dishes, grrr…).

Chamberlain MYQ Review

The MyQ, pronounced "my queue", is our favorite garage door opener among those tested. The large square unit in the picture is the MyQ base station.