Ring Video Doorbell 3 Vs. Ring Pro – Is Newer Better?

Amazon’s Ring has developed and released a new version of the video doorbell series. The Ring 3 comes with a lot of punch and a few surprises. It even includes an upgraded version known as the Ring 3 Plus. Will it be enough to sway buyers from the popular Ring Pro?

This article will cover both models and tell you where they are different, while exploring the similarities. You will get a full Ring 3 vs. Ring Pro review and comparison to help you decide which is the best model for you, or if you are an existing Ring doorbell user, if it is worth an upgrade.

The Ring 3 and Ring Pro Differences

The Ring 3 is technically the advanced version of the Ring 2. However, since the Ring Pro and Elite were also released, the comparison is generally between the later versions. Here are where the Pro and 3 models differ.

  • The Ring Pro is visibly smaller and thinner than the Ring 3, since the Ring 3 needs room to store batteries.
  • Power options. The Ring 3 is battery operated while the Ring Pro is hard wired only.
  • Vertical field of view. The Ring Pro has an extra 10 degrees (100 total) in the vertical field of view compared to the Ring 3 (90 degrees).
  • Dual-Power option. You can use an add-on accessory to make the Ring 3 a hard wired install, but there isn’t an option to make the Ring Pro battery powered.
  • Night vision. Both models have night vision capabilities, but the Ring 3 has better algorithms to keep the video and recordings in full color.
  • Faceplate covers. The Ring Pro comes with 4 faceplates to choose from, while the Ring 3 only has 2 options.

Similarities Between Ring 3 and Ring Pro

The Ring video doorbell 3 and Ring Pro have a lot of features in common as well. Here are some of the more notable similarities.

  • Wireless connections. Both doorbells will use either the 2.4g or 5g wireless home networks.
  • Mobile app and voice commands. You can use Alexa integration and the Ring app with both models.
  • Two-way communications. With a built-in speaker and microphone, each doorbell gives you two-way communications with visitors on your porch.
  • Video resolution. Each of the Ring doorbells will record in full 1080p HD resolution.
  • Ring Protect Plan. You can sign up and subscribe to one of 3 Ring Plans with either doorbell.
  • Live viewing. You can stream your doorbell video feed live using either model.
  • Warranty and replacement. The Ring 3 and Ring Pro both come with a 1 year limited warranty and a lifetime theft replacement guarantee.

Specifications Chart

Below we offer you a look at each doorbell’s features and options side by side. Find the model that offers the choices you need.

  Ring Doorbell 3 Ring Doorbell Pro
Dimensions 4.8×2.75×2.17 inches 4.5×1.85x.85 inches
PoE No No
Power Supply Rechargeable Battery Pack Hard Wired Only
Mobile App Yes Yes
WiFi Connection 2.4g & 5g 2.4g & 5g
Two-Way Communication Yes Yes
Video Resolution 1080p HD 1080p HD
Field of View 160 Degrees x 90 degrees 160 degrees x 100 degrees
Motion Zones Programmable Programmable
Ring Pre-Roll No No
Live View Yes Yes
Silent Mode Yes Yes
Dual Power Option Optional No
Night Vision Color Black and White
Faceplate Colors 2 included 4 included
Operation Temperatures -5 to 120 degrees (F) -5 to 120 degrees (F)
Warranty 1 year parts, Lifetime theft replacement 1 year parts, Lifetime theft replacement
Price Check on Amazon Check on Amazon

Comparing the Ring Video Doorbell 3 and Ring Pro in Detail

The Ring 3 and Ring Pro video doorbells may be similar in a lot of ways, but it is the small differences that will make or break your purchasing decision. Let’s dive into the Ring video doorbell review and help you decide which model to buy.

Installing a Ring Doorbell

Both models offer you a straightforward DIY installation and either doorbell should be up and running in under 20 minutes, even if you don’t have any experience installing electrical items at all.

DIY Install for the Ring Pro

Of the two models, the Ring Pro is the hardest to install. It requires an existing doorbell, that you will remove and use the wiring left behind. Any 8-12v doorbell (with or without a chime) will work. The process is laid out in the owner’s manual as well as the Ring video series. Here is a brief overview of the installation process.

  • Download, install and sign in to the Ring app. This will guide you through the initial setup of the Ring Pro.
  • Remove the existing doorbell making note of the wire locations and colors.
  • Connect the Ring app to your home network and follow the set up steps in the app.
  • Connect the wiring to the doorbell and attach the base plate to the wall.
  • Use the app to fine tune the mounting to get the best angle.
  • Snap the desired faceplate in place and verify you have the view and recording options in the app as you need.
  • Test your doorbell for functionality and connectivity.

You can view the Ring Pro install video here, if you want to see the installation in action. The entire process should take you about 20 minutes or less.

DIY Install for the Ring 3

The Ring 3 is even easier to install as you don’t need to worry about wiring. Other than this step, the install is about the same.

  • Download, install and log in to the Ring app.
  • Put the battery pack into the doorbell and allow the app to sync with the doorbell.
  • Once the installation is completed through the app mount the doorbell.
  • Fine tune the mounting by using the mobile app view to ensure your field of vision is correct.
  • Snap the desired faceplate ( two to choose from) onto the doorbell.
  • Test the doorbell and app for functionality and connectivity.

The process for the Ring 3 is easier and faster. It can be completed in as little as 5 minutes, though the average install and set up time is about 15 minutes.

Bottom Line: The Ring 3 wins here, with a faster installation and easier set up over the Ring Pro.

Control Options for the Ring Doorbells

The Ring video doorbells are more than just an alert that someone is at your door. Taking full control of them will require your home wireless network along with the Ring app and Alexa voice commands.

Ring Mobile App

The Ring app is a free download from your respective iOS or Android store. It is also available on Amazon apps for those with Amazon devices like the Fire Tablet.

You should note that there is a secondary app called Ring Neighborhoods. This is for use with the paid subscription plans and I will discuss this in more detail later.

The Ring app will take you through the initial setup of your Ring devices and one app will control all Ring items in your home, including the doorbells, cameras and floodlights. With the app you can get push notification or email alerts (or both), as well as see the view from the doorbell of whomever triggered the alert.

Motion alerts will also give you an alert if your phone is locked, allowing you to interact with the person at your door even when you aren’t on it. The app also give you setting controls for setting up motion zones, and with the Ring 3 you get advanced motion detection.

For the false alerts that happen with almost every security camera device, you can help minimize them by using the advanced zoning feature. This allows you to block areas of the view from triggering, for example when a car drives by in the field of view.

However, you also get the opportunity to use a new feature (Near Motion Zones) that allows you to only trigger alerts in a specific distance from the doorbell, which can be set between 5 and 15 feet from the doorbell. Not only does this provide you less false alerts, it also saves recording space, time and battery life.

Voice Commands & Alexa Integration

All Ring doorbells come with built-in Alexa integration. While you won’t be able to take full control over the system as you can with the mobile app, the voice commands do come in handy.

Once set up, you can use your voice to show or hide a live stream or a recording. When there is an alert, you can use your voice to show the video on an Amazon video device such as an Echo Show or the FireTV.

Bottom Line: The Ring 3 wins here with the advanced motion zones. All other features are the same for both devices and the Near Motion Zone feature is a blessing we have all been waiting for.

Viewing the Doorbell Camera

A video doorbell isn’t very good if you can’t see the video feed. Ring gives you two ways to view the feeds. You can view live, through the app or through compatible Alexa devices, or you can view the recordings. Recorded video is available through your computer, tablet, or the Ring app.

All feeds and recordings are full high-definition, recorded, saved and replayed in 1080p. Both Ring models offer this resolution as the only option, and they both offer night vision as well.

The main difference here is that the Ring 3 has full color 1080p HD resolution infrared night vision. It also actually works, for the most part. Because the infrared LEDs require some light to operate, you may or may not have enough ambient lighting to get the full color on your screen.

However, it isn’t as bad as the Ring Pro. While the Ring Pro offers color night vision, it rarely ever works. While there is nothing wrong with the video feed or being able to see clearly when night mode is activated, you probably won’t see much, if any, color in the recordings.

Bottom Line: The Ring 3 wins again. While the resolution is the same for both models, the Ring 3 night vision is better at achieving full color compared to the Ring Pro.

Ring Protect Plans

The Ring Protect Plans are an extension of the Ring products functionality and operation. Every Ring doorbell comes with a free trial of the paid plans, but once the trial is over you either need to continue the subscription or drop to the free plan.

The Free plan offers functionality of the doorbells and offers you the warranty and theft protection. The Basic plan gives you video recording storage and allows you to save or shave snapshots and video clips. The Plus plan has more features and offers live 24/7 monitoring of your devices.

The full details, what is or is not included and the costs are outlined in the chart below.

Free Basic Plus
Motion Notifications Yes Yes Yes
Live View Yes Yes Yes
2-Way Communications Yes Yes Yes
Lifetime Theft Protection Yes Yes Yes
60-day Video History No Yes Yes
Video Save/Share No Yes Yes
Snapshot Capture No Yes Yes
24/7 Professional Ring Monitoring No No Yes
Extended Warranty No No Yes
10% off future Ring.com purchases No No Yes
Price Free $3/mo Each Device $10/mo All Devices

Bottom Line: This is a tie. All Ring devices are covered by the three plans, whether you pay individually or as a whole.

Ring 3 Plus With Pre-Roll

If you are considering purchasing the Ring 3, I suggest you first take a look at the Ring 3 Plus. While there aren’t many differences between the 3 and 3 Plus models, for a little higher cost you get a new feature never before available on a battery operated camera device.

Amazon calls the feature Pre-Roll and enables you to see up to 4 seconds before the alert was sent. This is handy when you miss an alert, or you look and no one is there (a delivery driver for example). Pre-Roll isn’t a new feature in the home security world, but before now, it took too much battery power to operate.

While the Pre-Roll is in black and white, it does show for each alert and is a handy option to have. You can read our Ring 3 Vs. Ring 3 Plus review to find out if the extra cost is worth the upgrade or not.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now I will answer some of the more common questions about the Ring 3 and Ring Pro. If you have other questions or concerns, you can use the comment section below the article.

Q. How does the free replacement promise work?

A. Ring offers you lifetime free replacement for any Ring device that is stolen. However, to make the claim, you have to first register the device with Ring. In the event your device is stolen, you have 15 days to provide proof of ownership and a police report. When you do, Ring will send you a new device out within two weeks (on average).

Q. How do I contact Ring customer service?

A. Ring accepts warranty claims, tech support and questions through phone or email. You can send a message to help@ring.com, or call 1(800) 656-1918 (US) or 1(310) 929-7085 (International).

Q. Is there a trade-in program is I decide to upgrade?

A. You can trade in most Ring video doorbells (as well as other brands), working or not, to receive a trade-in offer. You will need an Amazon account and are required to fill out a questionnaire. Once approved, you will print a shipping label, and after 3 days of receipt, Amazon will verify the condition and apply an agreed upon amount into your Amazon account in the form of a gift card.

Q. Will the Ring Pro or Ring 3 work with the Ring Chime or Chime Pro?

A. The Ring Chime will work with any Ring doorbell. While it is important to note that the Ring Chime will only connect to a 2.4g WiFi network, the chime doesn’t need to be on the same network as the doorbell to function properly.

Q. How many devices can I install the Ring app on?

A. You can install the Ring app on every device you have, if it is compatible. Each can have the same level of access and control, or you can set up guest accounts. A guest account is ideal for your children’s smart phones so they can use the video feeds but can’t make any changes to the system or settings.

What I Like About the Ring Pro

  • Full 1080p HD resolution for both recording and viewing.
  • No batteries to recharge or replace.
  • Smaller footprint than most other Ring doorbells.

What I Like About the Ring 3

  • Simple and efficient set up and installation.
  • Works with the Ring Chime and Chime Pro.
  • Near Motion Zone advanced zoning features.

In Conclusion

Deciding between the Ring video doorbell Pro and Ring 3 can be a tough choice. They both offer you the same primary functionality and the differences aren’t worth starting your whole system over for.

However, if you don’t have a video doorbell already, the Ring 3 is the better option. With the more advanced motion zone features and simple install, it is the clear winner. If you already have the Ring Pro, though, the Ring 3 is an expensive upgrade to a system that is already working well and efficient.

1 thought on “Ring Video Doorbell 3 Vs. Ring Pro – Is Newer Better?”

  1. I ve had both ring pro & ring three + the ring pro is a lot more sensitive than the 3 plus + it can take a snap shot every minute ring 3 + min every 5 min , ring pro detects movement a lot quicker didn’t find pre role that useful on three +
    Bought ring pro first but it became defective after a few days kept dropping internet
    ring exchanged it for three + had that for two weeks and decided it wasn’t as good as ring Pro
    Ring has exchanged it again for ring Pro I have to say their customer service was excellent their call centre is in Egypt their staff spoke extremely good English and went the extra mile to assist as much as they could

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