Roomba j7 vs Roomba combo j7+

Roomba j7+ vs Combo j7+: Differences Clearly Explained

In a nutshell, what are the differences between the Roomba j7+ and the Roomba Combo j7+?

Difference 1: The Roomba Combo j7+ can vacuum and mop, while the Roomba j7+ can only vacuum.

The Combo j7+ can mop as well as vacuum your floors at the same time. Not only that, the Combo j7+ will lift its mopping pad when it detects carpet so as to not drag a damp pad over your carpet and get it wet.

The old (non-combo) j7+ does not have a mop so it can only vacuum.

If you want a robot vacuum that can also double as a robot mop, then the Combo j7+ might be the answer. It does the job of two robots, and it’s cheaper than buying the j7+ along with a dedicated mopping robot.

That’s it, there is only one major difference between these two robot vacuums. Now onto the similarities.

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Similarities between the Roomba j7+ and the Roomba Combo j7+

Similarity 1: Both models have object avoidance capabilities.

The j7+ and the Combo j7+ each have a front-facing camera that allows them to detect pet waste and clutter on the floor.

When a potentially “troublesome” object is detected, both these Roombas will keep a safe distance from the object while continuing to vacuum.

Because of this, the robot vacuums won’t even come close to running over or into objects on the floor. This is an especially important feature if you have pets at home. Even if your pets makes a mess, the j7+ and the Combo j7+ will automatically avoid spreading the mess across your entire floor.

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Similarity 2: Both models can learn and map the layout of your home.

When you first unbox and activate the j7+ and the Combo j7+, they’ll need to make a few mapping runs to completely learn your home’s layout. This lets them create maps of your entire layout. You’ll be able to save these maps with custom labels so you can keep track of them more easily.

Once you’ve saved these maps, you can also use them to draw clean zones and keep out zones over specific areas of your home.

Similarity 3: Both models are self-emptying.

The j7+ and the Combo j7+ both come with the iRobot Clean Base Automatic Dirt Disposal. This is the docking station that empties the contents of your robot vacuum’s dustbin after every cleaning session or whenever the dustbin is full.

Without the Clean Base, you’ll have to empty your robot vacuum’s dustbin yourself. This is an easy and simple enough task, but it’s recommended after every cleaning session, which is a bit of a hassle. Hurray for the Clean Base!

The Clean Base’s waste bag does need to be manually emptied when full, but it’s much bigger and only needs to be done approximately once every 2 months for the average home.

Similarity 4: Both models can automatically top up their batteries.

The Combo j7+ has a smaller battery compared to the j7+, so its maximum runtime is a bit shorter. However, this won’t matter much because both models can recharge whenever necessary.

If your robot vacuum starts to run low on power while still cleaning, it will automatically pause its session. It will then go back to its base and start recharging its battery.

Once its battery is recharged, the robot vacuum will pick up right where it left off. It will also keep pausing and recharging until it’s able to complete its entire scheduled cleaning session.

Similarity 5: Both models have similar cleaning functions.

By using the iRobot app, you’ll be able to set up zoned cleaning, spot cleaning, selective cleaning, and scheduled cleaning.

Zoned cleaning allows you to choose areas in your home that you want your robot vacuum to clean or avoid. By using your saved maps, you can draw clean zones over the areas in your home that you’d like your robot vacuum to focus on cleaning.

You can also draw keep out zones to indicate areas that you don’t want your robot vacuum to enter.

Additionally, you can use the iRobot app to schedule custom cleaning sessions. You’ll also be able to send your robot vacuum to clean specific rooms, or you can direct it to clean a smaller spot.

Similarly 6: Both models can be controlled via the app and voice commands.

The iRobot app allows you to use saved maps for zoned and selective cleaning, creating schedules, toggling features, and many more. You’ll have as much control as possible over your robot vacuum, and you’ll be able to access all the features and functions available to users.

Additionally, the app is also essential to setting up your robot vacuum. You’ll need to use the app to name the robot vacuum and send it on its initial run.

Aside from the app, you can also use voice commands to tell your robot vacuum what you want it to do. You won’t have to use the app or the buttons on the robot vacuum if you want it to start or stop a cleaning session. The voice commands feature can be helpful if you’ve got your hands full, but there’s a spill or a mess that needs to be dealt with right away.

To activate the voice commands feature, make sure that you have Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, or Siri. The j7+ and Combo j7+ are both compatible with these digital assistants, so setting up voice commands is a straightforward process.

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Similarity 7: Both models have a dual main brush system.

The robot vacuums each have two main brushes that are made of silicone and don’t have bristles. This makes them easier to clean because it’s easier to remove any strands of hair. Hair tends to get tangled in bristles and can be quite difficult to remove, so these bristle-free brushes require a lot less maintenance.

These main brushes work together to help the robot vacuum clean more efficiently. The first brush is designed to loosen up dirt and debris on various surfaces, thus removing the need for the robot vacuum to make multiple passes over the same area.

Meanwhile, the second brush sweeps the dirt and debris and directs them toward the robot vacuum’s intake.

Similarity 8: Both models navigate and clean in straight lines.

Older generation robot vacuums don’t navigate efficiently and instead just bumped around in random directions. Because of this, they may miss a spot or just take forever to finish vacuuming.

Newer generation robots such as the j7+ and Combo j7+ use a more strategic approach. They navigate in straight, tight lines and can thus maximize their coverage of the entire floor area. Even when they bump into furniture, the robot vacuums will figure out a logical way to go around while still vacuuming every inch of the floor it is able to.

Both robot vacuums will also clean along the edges of the room and any furniture so they can cover as much floor space as possible.


Does the Roomba j7+ have mopping?

No. The regular j7+ can pick up dust and debris, but it does not have the ability to mop. You’ll need the iRobot Braava Jet M6, which is a separate robot mop, if you want a robot that can mop your floors.

You can also consider the Combo j7+ if you want a robot vacuum that can vacuum and mop simultaneously.

Does the Roomba j7+ have smart mapping?

Yes. The j7+ can learn the layout of your home and save multiple maps of different floor levels. You’ll be able to access these saved maps and use them to set up zoned, selective, and scheduled cleaning.

Is the Roomba j7+ good for pet hair?

Yes. The j7+ has powerful suction that can easily pick up pet hair and dander, as well as other debris. It also has bristle-free main brushes that prevent pet and human hair from getting tangled, making the brushes easy to clean.

Does the Combo j7+ have a dry and wet mop?

No. The Combo j7+ only has a wet mop. It also has an onboard water tank that keeps the mop module wet.

How do you refill the Combo j7+’s water tank?

You’ll need to remove the water tank from the Combo j7+, then fill it up with water. Make sure that the tank is properly sealed before putting it back into place.

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So, Which One Should You Choose?

The Roomba j7+ and the Roomba Combo j7+ are mostly identical except for one important difference. They both have object avoidance capabilities, smart mapping, app control and voice control, and strong suction.

The big difference is that the j7+ is just a vacuum, while the Combo j7+ is a vacuum and mop in one.

The Combo j7+ has a mop module and an onboard water tank, allowing it to both vacuum and mop your floors simultaneously. Additionally, it’s designed to detect carpet so it can lift its mop module and prevent it from getting carpeted floors wet.

For those who don’t need mopping or just prefer to do it manually, the regular Roomba j7+ is for you. It can do everything that the Combo j7+ can, except for mopping. It also costs significantly less than the Combo j7+.

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