Roomba Black Friday Deals

Roomba Black Friday Deals

Updated: 12/11/2018

Black Friday is now over, check back next year for more deals. Click here for current Roomba deals.

Cyber Monday deals listed below are already live! (they match this year’s Black Friday prices). Crossed out items mean the deal is dead and the prices have gone back up.

Roomba 675 is on sale on Amazon. <- good deal, recommended for budget shoppers

Roomba 675 is on sale at Target. <- good deal, recommended for budget shoppers

Roomba 690  is on sale on Amazon.

Roomba 690 is on sale at Target. 

Roomba 890 is on sale on Amazon.

Roomba 890 is on sale at Target. 

Roomba 960 is on sale  on Amazon.

Roomba 980 is on sale on Amazon.  

Shark Ion Robot 750 is on sale  at Kohl’s.  

Shark Ion Robot 750 is on sale at Macy’s.

Quick Summary:

Roomba 675 and 690 (basic, no frills vacuum)

Roomba 890 (easy to clean/maintain)

Roomba 960 (our recommended vacuum)

Roomba 980 (960 with carpet boost)


Which Roomba do you recommend?

If you don’t know which one to pick, we recommend the 960. Both the 960 and 980 are “set it and forget it” machines with low maintenance rubber rollers. They cost more than the 690 but the minimal maintenance makes it worth the premium.

The 960 has the best combination of price and performance in this lineup. Both machines are good if you have pets or long hair. The rollers are easier to clean hair out of. At BF prices, the performance to price ratio is very high for these two models.

If you are on a budget, the 690 is a good deal at these prices. Its main drawback is that it uses traditional rolling brushes found in regular vacuums. Hair gets stuck on these, requiring more maintenance. Also, the navigation is pseudo-random and may not be able to finish cleaning an entire level in one go.

The 650 is the older version of the 690, the main difference is that the 650 does not have Wi-Fi.

What are the best Roomba deals?

The short answer is the Roomba 960 at Amazon. See the introduction for details on this deal.

Black Friday is almost here, but what are the deals going to be like this year?

Last year we saw some pretty good discounts on Roomba and other robotic vacuums on Amazon and other stores. Chances are this year we will see deals just as good if not better.

With the introduction of the Roomba 690 and 890, iRobot will need to phase out older models these are meant to replace, such as the Roomba 650, 870, and 880.

For example, on Prime Day, we saw steep discounts on the Roomba 652. Therefore, we predict there will be a similar if not better discount of the Roomba 650 and 880 this Black Friday.

Stay tuned, as we get closer Black Friday, we will be updating this page daily. On Black Friday itself, we will update this page hourly.

Which deal do you recommend?

We review robotic vacuums year round, so we know which ones are worth buying at full price, and which ones you should stay away from even if there is a discount. Here you will find great deals on RECOMMENDED Roombas.

Although the Roomba 614 at Target is the cheapest deal (you can grab a Roomba for just $200!), we do not usually recommend the 614 since it has traditional rolling brushes and no Wi-Fi connectivity. Only models 800 and up have the low maintenance rubber rollers, and only models 900 and up have app connectivity. We recommend getting the 960 or 980 deals from Best Buy or Dell if it’s within your budget.

Also, if the past year was any indication, Amazon will likely match these deals on their website. Stay tuned for details.

Check back before the sales starts in stores on Thursday Nov 23 (yes, they start on Thanksgiving Day), we will keep this page updated with the latest scoop.

Deals in Table Format

Current Price
Roomba 671 Check
Roomba 675 Check
Roomba 690 Check
Roomba 890 Check
Roomba 960 Check
Roomba 980 Check 

When is Cyber Monday 2018?

Cyber Monday is November 26, 2018

When is Black Friday 2018?

Black Friday is a bit early this year, it falls on Friday, November 23 in 2018.

Predictions on Black Friday Roomba Deals for 2018

These are our current predictions as to what will be on sale, based on past sales and new models introduced in 2017.

Roomba 650 will most likely enjoy some type of discount again this year.

Roomba 690 will probably be reduced to the price of the Roomba 650.

The top of the line Roomba 960 and 980 will likely see a discount of at least $100, since there were similar deals on it during Mother’s day, Father’s day, and Labor day this year.

We will update this page as deals get leaked. Keep checking back.

What is Black Friday

Cyber Monday was a term coined by retailers and marketers in 2005. It started out as the online version of Black Friday shopping. BF is for massive in-store discounts, and Cyber Monday is meant for massive online shopping discounts.

Over the years, as online sales caught up to retail spending, the line between Cyber Monday and Black Friday has blurred.  Sometime stores even extend Cyber Monday discounts into a weeklong “Cyber Week” to help increase sales over the holiday season.

How Black Friday got its Name

You’ve probably heard that Black Friday got its name because this was the first day of the year when retailers would no longer be “in the red” or operating at a loss.

However, this wasn’t always the case.  It was first coined in 1951 to describe the congestion and crowds surrounding this event. Black Friday actually had a negative connotation!

It wasn’t until the 1980‘s that retailers started to push for the new, better sounding explanation of the origin of the name everyone knows today.

You’ve probably seen crazy videos of Black Friday shoppers fighting each other for TVs at Walmart like the one below. With most deals being also available online today, skip the crowds and shop online instead.


Why Get a Roomba on Black Friday?

Over the past few years, we have seen some amazing deals on Roombas on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Robotic vacuums are an expensive investment. You spend your hard earned money to hopefully save time in the future, time you would’ve spent hand-vacuuming your house. With a robotic vacuum, most people dramatically reduce the frequency with which they have to vacuum. Yes, manual cleaning is still required from time to time, as robot vacuums are not as powerful as full sized vacuums. But the frequency is greatly decreased.

With so many robotic vacuums to choose from, there’s bound to be some winners and some duds. This page will guide you to the best deals on which ones to get. I will note if a discount is for a vacuum that you probably shouldn’t get even at a discount.

Some robotic vacuums are worth full price, and others should be avoided even at a discount.

We review Roombas day in and day out, so we know which models to recommend and what counts as a good price drop.


Archived Deals from Thanksgiving Weekend 2017:

The 960 is at its lowest price ever on Amazon right now. This model has never seen a discount this big, and the price beats all previous Black Friday deals by a good margin. This big price reduction, along with the fact that it is our recommended Roomba for most households makes it our recommended Black Friday deal. See the Roomba 960 on Amazon

Alternatively, there’s the Roomba 675. This is the newest entry-level vacuum from iRobot. It doesn’t have any bells and whistles but is incredible value for being an iRobot product. This makes the Roomba 675 our runner up for best Black Friday Roomba deal. If you are on a tight budget, we recommend the Roomba 675 (Amazon).

Roomba 960 is on sale for $449 on Amazon.  <- recommended for most households, beats all previous Black Friday prices. 

Archived Deals from Thanksgiving Weekend 2017:

Target will have the Roomba 614 for $199.99, starts Thursday 11/23 at 6pm when doors open. Deal is still live.

Best Buy will have the Roomba 614 for $224.99, starts Thursday 11/23 at 5pm. Deal is still live.

Walmart will have the Roomba 618 for $229.00, starts Thursday 11/23 at 6pm. Deal is still live.

Amazon will have  the Roomba 650 for $269.99, not that good a deal.

Target will have the Roomba 690 for $274.99, starts Thursday 11/23 at 6pm when doors open.

Newegg will have the Roomba 690 for $299.99, starts Monday 11/20. (online deal) Deal no longer live.

Archived Deals from Thanksgiving Weekend 2016:

Roomba 620 is on sale at Kohl’s for $299.99, down from $419.99. This is a savings of 28.5% off.

Target has a 20% off sale on all of its robotic vacuums in the store on Black Friday. The sale begins Nov 23 and ends on Thanksgiving day.

Sams’s Club will discount the Roomba 655 down to $269.98, down from $339.98. This is a savings of 20.5% off.

Best Buy has the Roomba 980 on sale for $799.99, down from $899. This is a savings of 11% off.

Best Buy also has the Roomba 880 for $479.99, down from $599.99. The sale begins on Nov 24.

Walmart has the Black and Decker Robot Vacuum on sale for $196. The sale starts on Thanksgiving day. has $100 off on the Roomba 960 and 980. The Braava 380t is $50 off.

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