🥇This Year's Best Prime Day Roomba Deals (2019 Edition)

This Year’s Best Prime Day Roomba Deals (2019 Edition)

Last Updated: July 14th, 2019

This year, Amazon’s Prime Day will take place July 15 to July 16, 2019.

Instead of a generic list of Prime Day Deals, this list only focuses on smart home devices, along with a brief summary review of every device on sale.

Current Live Deals: Prime Day 2019 is over, check back next year!

Roomba 614 [very basic Roomba for those on a budget] To see the deal, click here.

Roomba 675 [wifi Roomba with basic capabilities] Check it out here.

Roomba 690 [one of the cheapest Roomba with Wi-Fi connectivity you can get, traditional rolling brushes] Check it out here.

Roomba 960 [best vacuum on this list] Check it out here. <- Highly recommended vacuum, but not a good deal right now

eufy BoostIQ RoboVac 11S [good value] Check it out here.

eufy BoosIQ RoboVac 30C [good value] Check it out here.

ILIFE A4s [rudimentary vacuum for those on a tight budget] If you see the available coupon, clip it to save an additional $52. See it here.

[Not Amazon] Walmart.com has the Roomba 680 [basic, no frills Roomba] at $239.99. Check it out here.


Or check out live prices in the pricing table below:

in stock
15 new from $249.99
4 used from $183.03
Free shipping
in stock
10 new from $272.90
3 used from $201.81
Free shipping
in stock
21 new from $299.99
8 used from $200.18
Free shipping
in stock
3 new from $229.99
7 used from $199.99
Free shipping
in stock
2 new from $299.99
3 used from $293.99
Free shipping
in stock
5 new from $188.51
17 used from $99.99
Free shipping
Last updated on August 17, 2019 3:43 pm


Other Prime Day Smart Home Deals

Amazon Echo Dot (3rd gen) is usually $49.99. The Dot is [the cheapest smart speaker made by Amazon].

Amazon Echo 2nd Gen is usually $99. The Echo 2nd gen is an [improved version of the original Alexa Smart Speaker].

Ring Video Doorbell Pro is usually $249. The Pro is a [highly reviewed security camera plus smart door bell].

Amazon Echo Spot is usually $129. The Spot is [Amazon’s smart speaker with a small screen].

Amazon Echo Show was originally $229. The Echo Show is [a smart speaker with a screen attached]

Amazon Echo Plus is usually $165. The Echo Plus is the [Echo smart speaker with a built in Wi-Fi hub].

What is Prime Day?

Amazon sets aside 1 to 2 days in July every year for a massive sale.It all started when Amazon made a sale to commemorate its 20th birthday in the year 2015. Since then, the Prime day has developed into an extravaganza for shopping, offering huge discounts on many different categories of items. In reality, Prime day is really just an excuse to sell more things (potentially at a discount).

When is Prime Day for 2019?

Prime Day for 2019 begins on July 15th and will end 48 hours later on July 16th. Unlike last year’s Prime Day, which did not start until noon, this year’s Prime Day will start 12am PT on July 15th.

Are there any prerequisites for participating in Prime Day?

To participate in Prime day and take advantage of the offers, you have to be a registered Amazon Prime member. The annual membership fee costs around $120, and a one-month membership costs $12.99. You can sign up for free to get a 30-day trial if you have never been a prime member before. For students, the trial period remains active for six months.

Why Do I Care about Prime Day?

If you have been waiting for a deal on something, there is likely to be a sale on that item or at least other items in the same category. The best offers will likely run out quickly. In addition to these, prime day guarantees to stock up on some summer items such as fall gear, swimsuits, and closet necessities, among others.

If you have some things that you know you have to buy but kept putting off, Prime Day is a good time to check for deals on these items.

Prime Day Deal Predictions for Roombas

We are anticipating there will be deals on the Roomba 690, 890, i7, i7+, s9, and s9+.

With the release of the Roomba s9 and s9 plus this year, we are anticipating at some kind of discount on these flagship robot vacuums from iRobot. Past prime days have seen price cuts on almost all models of Roombas. We expect this year to be no different.

The Roomba 675 and 690 are the cheapest models in the current generation Roomba lineup.

The Roomba 890 strikes a balance between price and performance.

The 960, our recommended robot vacuum for most people, is likely to be on sale for $200 off or more.

The Roomba s9+, the best robot vacuum on the market today, is also likely to see some kind of discount.

Roomba vacuum cleaners can be used on almost all types of floor, and can also navigate through the clutter and furniture.

These robotic vacuum cleaners keep your floors clean in between manual deep vacuuming. While they will probably never match the full power of a corded upright vacuum, they do a good job of maintaining a dust-free floor when run frequently.

This means a Roomba vacuum cleaner has the capability of cleaning up your entire floor without any intervention from you.

Prime Day will likely feature deals on Roombas and other robotic cleaners to boot.

Should I get a Roomba or another brand?

There are myriad types of robot vacuum cleaners available at the marketplace to help keep your house clean. Whether you have a carpet or hardwood, there are specialized robot vacuums to meet the particular demands of your house.

Because the Roomba is the most recognizable robotic vacuum on the market today, it is preferred by most people. The main drawback of these vacuums is a high price. But our experience in the smart home space showed that they do generally provide the best user experience among all vacuums.

If budget is a concern, though, these cheaper alternatives are particularly notable: Neato, iLife, Eufy, and Xiaomi.

They do a good enough job, especially given their much lower price tag.

How to choose a Roomba/robot vacuum?

The first consideration to make is to whether you really need a robot vacuum. You shouldn’t purchase one if you don’t mind manually vacuuming, as the traditional upright vacuums will always clean better than their automated counterparts when operated by a competent human.

Uprights have extra nozzles and appendages to clean tight spots, which a robot vacuum cannot do. They also clean up big messes much more easily.

If you are like the rest of lazy folk, vacuuming is probably not on your list of favorite pastimes, after identifying your need for this gadget, consider the following tips when purchasing the robot vacuum:

  • Consider the type of floor in your house, whether hardwood or carpet. Pets are also an important factor to consider and how messy they could be (For example, how often the pets kick the litter out of the box)
  • Decide on the budget. The prices range from $200 to $1,000. It depends on the quality and features. You should, however, be prepared to work without some famous features such as wifi connectivity and brushless rollers if you consider going for the low priced models.
  • Consider if you require a companion app. Most robot vacuums use apps that make it easier to schedule and control them. Some models could even map out the cleaned area.
  • The battery life factor. A better cleaning job is usually done by a robot vacuum with a bigger battery, especially for a big home. It is also important to consider a model that can park itself and recharge in the middle of a job session.

These factors among others are the most important to consider when deciding on the type of robot vacuum that will meet your needs.

Tips for buying something on Prime Day

Prime Day deals come and go quickly. The following tips can be a guide to help in buying your most desired product:

  • If you are not already a Prime member, now is a good time to give it shot. If you haven’t used it before, there’s a 1 month free trial. The free trial is 6 months if you have are student.
  • Enter your shipping address and billing info ahead of time, in case you don’t have the time to do so when a deal pops up.
  • When you add an item to your cart, a 15 minute timer starts. You have until the end of that timer to check out before the deal is released to someone else.
  • Enabling 1-click ordering can help speed up the process, but I usually like checking that the shipping and billing information is correct so I don’t use 1-click ordering
  • Check back often and early. Most offers on Prime day will last all day, but some of the best deals will be offered as lightning deals only lasting for a limited time/quantity. Caution: checking these deals is fun but a colossal waste of time.


Prime Day 2019 will take place July 15th to 16th. There will be a good selection of tech bargains.  Amazon will offer great deals for 48 hours on millions of products on its sites all over the world. Bargain hunters can use the prime day landing page to track action starting from noon Pacific time.





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