iCLEBO Omega Review – A 2-in-1 Robot that Does It All?

The idea of a robot that can vacuum and mop isn’t a new thing. There have been models that have tried before. The problem is finding a robot that can actually clean all your floors in a single pass. While not many do well in all aspects, there are devices that will mop well or vacuum well; seldom will you find a robot to do both.

The South Korean company iCLEBO has released the Omega, a robot that claims to vacuum all floor types while providing a mop function to complete the clean allowing you more time to focus on other chores. Does it hold up to the claims? This review will find out. Come along as we dissect all the features of the iCLEBO Omega to help you decide if it is worth a purchase.

Who the Omega is for

As with every product, there is a target audience that the Omega is designed for. You will find yourself among this group if you:

  • Have a small to medium sized home.
  • Have more hard flooring than carpeting in the home.
  • Don’t need the use of containment methods.
  • Suffer allergies from in-home allergens such as mold or dust mites.

Who the Omega is not for

The Omega is not going to be a good fit for everyone or every home. You may need to look elsewhere if you:

  • Have high pile carpeting or shag rugs in your home.
  • Need the use of mobile apps or voice commands for control.
  • Want a robot with a true wet mop feature.

Breaking Down the iCLEBO Omega

There are several factors that iCLEBO is proud of. They are trying to push to the front of the pack with their features and options. Let’s break the features down and find out how good it really is.

The Mopping Feature Sets the iCLEBO Omega Apart

The one thing that makes the Omega stand out over other robot vacuums is the mopping feature. This allows the robot to sweep your hard floor surfaces and mop them in a single pass. Don’t get too excited, though; it may not be as wonderful as you think.

Unlike a mopping robot, there isn’t a true wet mopping feature here. You won’t find water reservoirs and mop settings to soak, mop and dry your floors. Instead, what you will find is a bracket on the bottom side of the unit where you can attach a microfiber cloth.

If you just attach the cloth, the robot will sweep and suction the dirt dust and debris off the hard floors and then buff them with the pad. Your other option is to wet the pad in water (you can add a few drops of floor cleaner, too, if you wish). This will give you what is known as a damp mop.

As the Omega runs over your floors, the wet pad will pick up any left over dust while wiping the floors clean. It will act similar to a stick mop with replaceable pads.

If you want a damp mop, you will have to continuously get the mop pad wet to keep the floors damp. There isn’t an automatic way to do this and with the brush roll in front of the pad, spraying the floor ahead of time won’t do much good either. However, for a dry or damp mop, it works quite well.

The Battery is Large but Mostly Ineffective

The lithium-ion battery is considered large in the industry. Where most robotic vacuums use 1800 to 2400mAh batteries, the Omega weighs in with a whopping 4400mAh battery. Unfortunately, even with the larger battery, the runtime is a paltry 80 minutes.

This isn’t to say that 80 minutes of cleaning time is anything to sneeze at, though in comparison to smaller batteries pushing out over two hours of cleaning time, it’s hardly a high selling point.

The good news is that the robot will note when its battery falls below 10 percent. When it is, the Omega will return to the charging station to refill the battery. The recharge time is right at three full hours and because of the mapping feature, the robot will resume cleaning if the entire home hasn’t been completed.

All in all, the battery does its job, but it could be better. A more efficient battery would provide you with 120 or more minutes of cleaning time. As it is, the 80 minutes will clean about 700 to 900 square feet of hard flooring (in automatic mode – more on the cleaning modes further down), and 600 to 800- square feet of carpeted flooring.

Without Wireless Communications the Controls are Limited

Most of the mid and top-tier robots on the market have mobile apps or voice command capabilities as control options. The iCLEBO Omega doesn’t use these control options. This may be a killer for some prospective users, but the controls it does have more than makeup for what is missing.

For starters, there is a large LCD panel with easy to read numbers and icons. You can easily press a button to start a cleaning cycle, select the cleaning mode or send the robot back to the charging dock.

If you aren’t the type that likes to bend over or use local buttons, there is an infrared remote that is shipped with the device. The sensor on the top of the robot will pick up the remote signal from up to 10 feet away. You can use the remote to control the robot, set schedules and direct the unit on where to go.

The remote is also used to identify quick spills and the robot will head directly to the location and begin cleaning. Even without the use of a mobile app or voice commands, the controls are intuitive, simple to use and the Omega is quickly programmed.

Camera-Based Navigation Allows for Mapping And Entire Level Cleaning

One feature not often found on mid-tier models, such as the Omega, is camera-based navigation. Similar to the Roomba 960 or i7 models, the camera creates a virtual map that the robot uses to maneuver.

The cleaning paths, then, are more human-like and thorough than the patterns used by the robots that use sensor-based navigation.

Because the map is stored in the memory of the robot, it will be able to resume cleaning from the exact spot it left off when the batteries started to die. This means that once you start a cleaning cycle, you will be able to leave the robot alone and it will run until the job is complete.

The camera is at the top of the robot in the same spot as the infrared sensor. It views your home in 130-degree sections as it moves around. It will pick up object and obstacles as well as walls, ceilings and doorways while creating a three-dimensional map of your home’s layout.

Once the map is created, the Omega will use it as a guide to know where it is, where to go and where it has been. If you move furniture around, the robot will notice the map doesn’t match and will recreate the map to keep up with your decoration choices.

There are a lot of reports that because of the severe angle of the camera, the Omega has trouble navigating rooms with a lot of furniture. This can be seen in certain areas like cluttered living rooms or dining rooms with lots of tables, chairs and their legs. If this happens to you, the best method of resolution (currently) is to remove any excess possible. You can put the chairs on top of the table, for example.

Three Cleaning Modes Give You the Ability to Control Your Level of Clean

When you set your Omega to clean you will select a mode. There are three modes to choose from: Spot, Automatic and Max.

Spot mode only cleans a particular area. When you move the robot to the dirty area of the floor and select spot cleaning, the robot will move in an outward spiral (about four feet in diameter) around the starting point.

Automatic mode is the default mode. If you do not select a cleaning mode, the iCLEBO Omega will default to this mode. Here, the robot will map the rooms and clean in parallel lines from one side to the other. The motor speed will adjust accordingly (up to about 900pa) to collect as much dirt and debris as possible.

Finally, there is max mode. Here the robot will clean one room at a time using the same parallel lines and mapping as in automatic mode. The difference is that the motor speed is always on its maximum suction power.

You will also notice that it cleans the room twice. It will go from one wall to the opposite wall and then switch directions creating a criss-cross pattern, first from left to right and then from top to bottom.

Obviously, using max mode will cause severe battery drain. To clean your entire home in this mode will most likely take at least three recharging cycles. Instead, this is perfect to use when you need a specific room deep cleaned instead of the entire home.

Specifications Chart

Let’s take a look at the features and options of the iCLEBO Omega in a handy chart to see what it does or does not offer.

  iCLEBO Omega
Dimensions 13.62×13.92×3.42 inches
Weight 6.83 pounds
Battery 4400mAh Lithium-Ion
Battery Runtime Up to 80 minutes
Battery Charge Time 3 hours
Automatic Recharge Yes
Automatic Resume Yes
Wireless Communications No
Mobile App No
Voice Control No
Remote Control Yes
Local Control Yes
Scheduling Yes
Cleaning Modes 3
Navigation Camera-based
Containment No
Extraction Method BLDC Motor with V6 Rubber Blade Extractor
Filtration HEPA
Side Brushes 2
Floor Types Hard Floors, Low and Medium Pile Carpeting
Collection Bin Capacity 0.7L
Water Reservoir Capacity N/A
Warranty 1 year
Dry Mop Yes
Wet Mop No
Price Check on Amazon

Alternative Options

If you have made it this far you either want the iCLEBO Omega, or you are still on the fence. If it is the latter, here are a few options to consider or compare.


ILIFE released the V-Series 2-in1 robots that are similar to the Omega. The V7S has a true wet mop with a 0.3L water reservoir and advanced drip technology that keeps the mop head wet. The 2600mAh battery is more efficient than the one found inside the Omega, producing enough power to last up to 120 minutes per charge.

What you won’t get is the camera based navigation as you find in the Omega, which makes cleaning and mopping more of a hit or miss. Usually, you will need to run two cleaning cycles to cover the entire floor.

You can read our review of the ILIFE V7S here, or check the current price on Amazon.

bObSweep PetHair Plus

The PetHair Plus doesn’t wet mop either, but it does do something not seen in other vacuum models: UV sterilization. Along with the dry or damp mop head, the PetHair Plus uses UV lighting to kill any bacteria and leave your floors looking fresh and shiny. It will do about as well as the dry mop of the Omega, so in the end, the floors come out the same.

The PetHair Plus also features a HEPA filter for capturing in-home allergens such as dust mites, mold and pet dander. Like the Omega, you can control the PetHair Plus with local controls or an infrared remote. The LCD panel is a bit more advanced than the Omega’s, though, so it is even easier to use.

You can read my review of the bObSweep PetHair Plus, or check the current price on Amazon.

EcoVacs M80

Deebot’s M80 has a removable water reservoir to give you an authentic wet mop experience. While you can’t recharge the battery or run the vacuum while the reservoir is in place, it will mop your floors just like you would, using water or cleaning solutions.

Unlike the Omega, there isn’t a containment option. When moping in rooms adjacent to carpeted rooms, you will need to physically blockade the entrance to prevent the robot from mopping your carpet. The M80 is a far better vacuum than the Omega, but even with the wet mop, the end cleaning results are highly similar.

See the EcoVacs M8 0n Amazon.

Frequently Asked Questions

I will answer some of the most common questions about the iCLEBO Omega here. If you still have questions of concerns, please feel free to use the comment section below the article.

Q. What kind of brush roll does the robot use?

A. It uses the kind that goes around in a circle, picking up debris it does. iCLEBO calls their extractor the V6 Rubber Blade. It is similar to the brushless extractors of the Roomba 900 and i7 series. There aren’t any bristles to get tangled with hair and the rubber blades sweep hard floors and agitate carpet fairly well.

The blades are a little softer than most other models out there, so they will wear down quicker. Replacement (or maintenance) is quick and simple though and you can have a new one installed in under a minute.

Q. I have tall doorway thresholds, will the Omega be able to get over them?

A. Without knowing the exact height of your thresholds, I can’t give an honest answer. However, I will tell you that the Omega can climb over heights up to 1.5 cm (about 0.6 inches). As long as your thresholds are shorter than that, the robot won’t have much difficulty getting over them.

Q. What kind of containment does the Omega use?

A. The Omega comes with blocking tape. It is similar to the magnetic strip tape of other robot models. You will cut the tape to the size you need and place it on the floor where you want to block access.

While the Omega does have an anti-fall sensor, it is still recommended to use the tape around the tops of stairs or around ledges. Unlike other robots, the Omega sensors don’t take a lot to get blocked. A few specks of dust renders the sensors inoperable and the tape is needed to prevent a fall.

In Conclusion

The iCLEBO Omega makes a valiant attempt to corner the 2-in-1 market. However, without a true wet mop and only able to clean low and medium pile carpeting, it still falls a little short. Just like the others, it does two things, but only does one of them well. The vacuum and suction do well on low pile carpet and hard flooring surfaces. The mopping feature, though, leaves a bit to be desired.

There are upsides, though. The HEPA filtration and large collection bin make short work of in-home allergens. Preventing up to 99 percent of pollen, dust mites, mold spores and pet dander from reentering the air, the 0.7L collection bin keeps everything contained until you can empty it safely.

While I do think there are better options on the market, for the money and camera navigation alone, the Omega is worthy of a second look. Perhaps the future models will address some of these smaller issues and iCLEBO can make a final stand for your business.

In a Nutshell

If you are looking for a less expensive alternative to the Roomba 900 series, complete with camera-based navigation, HEPA filtration and a mopping ability, you have found one. iCLEBO Omega may not be the best options for many, but it is good for what it does.

What I Like About the iCLEBO Omega

  • HEPA filtration keeps in-home allergens at bay.
  • Camera-based navigation keeps the robot on track and cleaning in human-like patterns.
  • Vacuum and dry/damp mop in one unit.

What I Dislike About the iCLEBO Omega

  • No true wet mop functionality.
  • Doesn’t have wireless communications for use with a mobile app or voice commands.
  • The battery is large but ultimately inefficient.

Check current price for the iCLEBO Omega on Amazon

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