iRobot teaser image for May 2019 announcement

iRobot Teases Announcement for May 29 on Facebook

Published: May 28, 2019

iRobot, makers of the robotic vacuum Roomba and robotic mop Braava, posted a teaser image on its Facebook page teasing an upcoming announcement slated for May 29.

It’s a metal iRobot logo with a circle of light racing around it. The caption below the logo says “EVOLVING 5.29.19”.

What could this mysterious announcement be?

Here are my 3 guesses:

  1. The Roomba’s navigation algorithms are getting a major update – this would be nice but nah, this is not worthy of a teaser announcement.
  2. There is a new Roomba model – this would be the most exciting in my opinion, but I don’t expect this to be the case since iRobot just released the i7 and i7+ this past September. We are too close for a new Roomba to be announced. but hopefully not?)
  3. There is a new robot in a different product line, e.g. the Braava floor mop – this is the most likely scenario. iRobot has stated they are launching THREE new products this year. This is probably one of these launches.

This is an exciting year for iRobot fans. It announced the Terra robotic lawn mower in January, and still has two more new products to go.

Maybe I’m reading too much into this. What do you think? Another robotic mop or a Roomba that can climb the stairs?


Update May 29, 2019:

The reveal turned out to be the new Roomba s9+ and the new Braava jet m6!

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