The Ultimate Printable Cleaning Checklist

The Ultimate Printable Cleaning Checklist

As much as I love automated cleaning, sometimes you just have to put in the work yourself to get the job done right.

We put together what I think is the most well thought-out (and dare I say best looking) cleaning checklist on the internet.

If you are the type who gets the occasional urge to clean every single corner of the house, you will love this.

Every task is broken down by area and by frequency, with daily checkboxes.

To make the daily grind of cleaning a little more fun, each task has its own colored icon.

Customize the list to your own liking by filling in your specific tasks.

Click the picture or the link below for a downloadable and printable PDF version of the checklist!


Daily Printable Cleaning Checklist


Click here for a Printable PDF of this Cleaning Checklist

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