Ring Doorbell Black Friday Deals 2018

Updated: November 23, 2018

Ring Black Friday Deals


Other Black Friday Deals

Nest Protect smart smoke and carbon monoxide alarm $20 off at Best Buy.

Chamberlain MyQ Smart Garage Hub is on sale for $59.99 at Best Buy.

Yale and August smart locks $50 off at Best Buy.

Echo Spot smart screen is on sale for $89.99 at Kohl’s.

Google Home is on sale for $79 at Kohl’s.

Google Home is on sale for $79 at Target.

Google Home Hub is on sale for $99 at Target.

Google Home Hub is on sale for $99 at Staples.


When is Black Friday 2018?

The Black Friday shopping event traditionally follows Thanksgiving. While you may find Black Friday deals and specials the entire week of Thanksgiving this year, the technical event day will be Friday, November 23rd, 2018.

Black Friday Ring Deals

This Black Friday you can expect to find some amazing deals on Ring products. Their entire line should be up for grabs with huge discounts and special offers. This guide will showcase every deal we can find from all over so you can go directly to where the best deals are.

You should note that unlike years past, Black Friday is no longer a single day affair. Many vendors attempt to get your early shopping dollars by beginning even before Thanksgiving and extending it well into the weekend and even the following week. We will update this page constantly with all the deals and where you can find them.

Ring Doorbells

Best Buy is offering the Ring Doorbell 2 for $139.99.

Target will have the Ring Doorbell for $99.99.

Ring Security Cameras and Lights

Here are the deals for the Ring Cameras or Lights

Best Buy will be offering $100 off select Ring products. The cameras will be included, and perhaps the Basic Kit as well.

Lowes is selling the Ring Floodlight Cam for $199.99

Ring Security Systems and Components

Below are the Home Security System Deals.

Home Depot has the Basic Kit bundle with three extra door or window sensors for $249.

Lowes lists the First Alert Smoke and CO2 Z-Wave detector for $44.97.


Quick Summary Review of Ring Products

A side by side illustration of Ring's Floodlight and Spotlight cams.

Ring makes quite a few products. To make sure you are looking for the right deal on the correct product, let’s review them quickly.

The current selection will be the focus. While you can still find deals on older models and items, most of the Black Friday specials will be on the following:


Video Doorbells

Ring has four models of video doorbells for sale currently. Which one you need is based a lot on what your set up is and if you have an existing system or not. If this will be a stand-alone purchase, you may find one version better than the other.

If you are interested, we have a couple of comparison articles for you to get better acquainted with the models. Read about the Ring and Ring 2 here

Doorbell And Doorbell 2

The First two generations of battery powered doorbells remain the most popular models. With a regular price of $99 and $199, respectively, you can expect a working video feed and doorbell with only minutes of DIY installation.

The Doorbell 2 has a higher video quality and recording time. It also has a quick release latch to replace the battery pack that the original model doesn’t have.

Ring Doorbell Pro and Ring Doorbell Elite

The upper end of the spectrum finds the Pro model. It is very similar the Doorbell 2 regarding video quality. The main difference is that is it a hardwired option instead of battery powered and has security features the other two models don’t have. It regularly retails for $249, before Black Friday Deals.

The Elite is the commercial application doorbell that can be used on residential homes as well. It gives you superior video quality and every security feature and option you can ask for. With the motion detection, you can see who is approaching your door before they even get there.

It is wireless, like the others and will connect to your home network. However, it also offers PoE (Power of Ethernet) option for a direct link and no downtime. Before any discounts, you can find the Doorbell Elite for $499.


Security Cameras

Ring offers eight different camera options. Most of them have similar mounts and dimensions as well as video quality. We have a comparison article for you h ere to view the most standard features of the most popular camera option.

Spotlight Cams

The Spotlight Cam is the most popular model and has more rave reviews than any other security camera on the market. There are four options to consider when choosing the spotlight camera and they all have to do with how it is mounted and powered.

For a non-Black Friday deal, the standard camera with a magnetic mount that is battery powered as well as the magnetic mount that is hardwired to a power source can be found for $199.

If you spend $50 more, you can get the option that directly mounts to the surface. Useful for outdoor mounts where they may be liable to be removed easily.

Finally, you have the standard magnetic mount camera with a solar panel option. You can mount this camera anywhere outdoors and never have to worry about recharging batteries or running power lines through your yard. The solar-powered camera kit retails for $299.


Stick Up Cams

The Stick Up cams come in three packages. Each one, you should note, gives you the exact same camera. The only difference in the three options is the price and the power source. Like the spotlight cams, you have the option to spend $179.99 for either the battery powered or hardwired option. You can also spend $229.99 for the solar-powered option.

These cameras are rated for outdoor use, though the find more functionality in their variable mount by being used indoors.

Floodlight Cam

The final option is the floodlight cam . This is the popular spotlight cam that has a fixed mount and two large LED floodlights. You can fill most of your backyard with the light set to motion or activity sensors. It also has a siren that is very loud.

Mounting this is more difficult than the others due to the size and weight. It should be mounted to a power box directly. Before the Black Friday deals, this retails for $249.


Security Systems

Ring wouldn’t be a very popular security system if they didn’t have security sensors and equipment. Luckily, they do. Not only does Ring have one of the easiest to install systems on the market, but they are also one of the most feature-filled and robust systems around.

This comparison artic le will give you all of the details of their basic kit; it’s good reading, you should check it out.

Basic Kit

The Basic kit is a five piece kit that comes with the base station, the keypad, one motion detector, one door or window contact sensor and a range extender. This basic kit will get you up and going and if you have Ring doorbells or security cameras already, they will sync right up.

The kit also has monitoring and alert compatibility and cloud storage for recording audio and video. Before the Black Friday event, you can find the Basic Kit for $199.

All the Extras

Ring hasn’t left anything out and allows you to expand the Basic Kit with cameras and lights of your choice. They don’t stop there though. You will also be able to add on a smoke and CO2 detector, a siren, a flood and freezing detector and even a smoke or CO2 listener (it send you an alert if your current smoke detectors go off.).

On top of that, you can purchase spare motion detectors as well as door and window sensors for every room, window or stairway in your home.

The range extenders plug into an outlet and provide extra distance to the sensor from the Base Station as well as your home network.

You can find all of these components for sale individually and depending on the vendor you may even find mini-kits with various pieces combined in one purchase.


Which Deal is the Best?

Through all of the current ads and specials that have been announced to date, Home Depot has the best deals on Ring products. Amazon will most likely have flash deals throughout the shopping weekend that have more Ring products if they do we will update this page regularly.

As it stands with what is being put on sale, Home Depot will have the most Ring products on sale. They are also showing promise of having the best deals and largest discounts as well.

Lowes isn’t far behind with their inventory, but so far (as of the initial writing) aren’t having as many sales on them. This may change as the shopping day gets closer; only time will tell.

Walmart and Target will have Ring products on sale. However, at this point, they haven’t released which ones or how much the savings will be. Target has announced the Ring Doorbell deal, but more are expected.

We still expect the largest deals to come from Amazon. This year, for whatever reason, Amazon only releasing a partial list of their deals. This may be to aid in the flash sales they will release every 30 minutes during the weekend, or it could be to help the vendors not sell out before the sale actually takes place.

Whatever the reason, the deals on Amazon are likely to include extras that most other retailers won’t have, such as free shipping, Amazon Alexa enabled device bundles or other features like pairing bundled kits together. As soon as the details are released, we will let you know.

There is also the chance that you will have local deals crop up in your newspapers for smaller retailers that aren’t listed nationally. Ace Hardware and True-Value both sell Ring products, but neither has them listed yet on their national circulars.

Feel free to use the comment section below to let us (and your fellow readers) know of any locally posted deals we (and they) should be on the lookout for.


What is Black Friday?

This is pretty obvious for most people but Black Friday is a shopping holiday in the U.S. that is quickly spreading to the European countries. Following the American Thanksgiving holiday, stores large and small reduce prices to lure customers in hoping to sell mass quantities of goods.

This shopping day allows customers to get great deals on goods and services while the shops can make room for the new year’s inventory.


Which Do We Recommend?

If you are looking for a great deal on Ring products, the best options will be with the Ring Doorbells. Specifically the Ring Doorbell 2 and the Doorbell Pro.

If these are the items, you are after we highly recommend you keep an eye on Amazon and Home Depot for their Ring Doorbell and Amazon Dot Bundle. This deal looks like it will be too good to pass up and we may never see it again.

Other sales will most likely reappear closer to the Christmas holiday, but the bundles probably won’t. While it is possible newer bundles will be created for the December sales, the Black Friday bundles we already know about are worth every penny in their own right.

If you are planning a purchase, wait until Black Friday. The savings will be there, and if your particular item of interest is not listed for sale, you won’t lose out anyway. The likelihood that your item will be on sale somewhere, though, is high. Waiting a few more days to buy, will be well worth it.


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