Huge Savings on the Roomba 675 for Black Friday 2019

If you have been putting off buying a Roomba 675 to save even more money, your wait is over. Black Friday 2019 brings us some killer deals on this already budget-friendly robot vacuum. All the details you need are right here.

Check back right before you buy to ensure you are getting the best deal and lowest price on the Roomba 675!

Why Get This Deal on Black Friday 2019?

It is no secret that the biggest deals, largest bundles, and massive savings happen during the Black Friday shopping event. Black Friday 2019 will not be any different.

Manufacturers, vendors, and retailers are all using the sales event to lure you in and get your money. You are looking for the best deals and savings to know where to spend your cash. For Black Friday 2019, there will be huge savings on the Roomba line of robotic vacuums, and the Roomba 675 will see some insane price drops.

If you have wanted a Roomba 675 for yourself, or to buy as a gift for someone else, right now is the time to buy.


The Best Black Friday Prices on the Roomba 675

The best deals on the Roomba 675 are right here. Want to save money? Here is where to shop.

Lowe’s has the Roomba 675 on sale for 23% off, listing the robot for $229.99.

You can pick up the Roomba 675 from the iRobot store for $20 off and a final price of $279.99.

Target lists the Roomba 675 for $70 off and a listing price of $229.99. This deal is expected to be replaced with a different price change over the weekend and for Cyber Monday 2019.

Walmart also lists the Roomba 675 for $70 off and a final price of $229.99.


What to Know About the Roomba 675

Why consider the Roomba 675? For starters, it is an ideal robot for the first time user or for those looking for a second robot to clean a different floor of their home, such as a finished basement.

The already low price includes a Roomba vacuum that will return to the charging dock when the battery gets low and has wireless communications. You can use the user-friendly iRobot Home app or voice controls through Amazon Alexa to control and schedule your robot.

Unless you pick up a bundle set, you won’t get any containment options with the 675. However, it is compatible with the dual-mode virtual wall barriers that you can pick up on sale as well. The 675 is best used for low pile carpeting, hardwood floors, and homes that don’t have shedding pets. If this sounds like you, you can score a fantastic deal on an already priced-to-own robot from the leader in home automation floor cleaning, iRobot.

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