Roomba 675 next to Roomba 692.

Roomba 675 vs 692 – 4 Differences You Need to Know

I get questions asking us to compare Roomba models all the time. In this article, let’s look at these two very similar robots: the Roomba 675 and the Roomba 692. Which one should you pick?

The two Roombas are actually quite similar in many ways. In fact, most people probably wouldn’t notice the differences.

Difference 1: Roomba 675 has a carrying handle built in.

It may not be obvious from the pictures, but the grey semi-circle above the CLEAN button on the Roomba 675 actually lifts up to become a carrying handle for the 675. This is especially handy 😁, since both these vacuums do not have mapping capabilities.

I often find myself needing to pick up my non-mapping Roomba and placing it in another room after seeing it roam my bedroom for 30+ minutes without ever going into the living room.

The Roomba 692 does away with the handle. You will have to use both hands to pick it up. Not too big a deal but worth considering.

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Difference 2: The dust bin on the Roomba 675 is slightly smaller than the 692.

The 692’s dust bin is larger, which means you won’t need to empty it as often. If you’re used to emptying your Roomba frequently in between cleanings, this is not really an issue.

Neither will tell you when it’s full and need to be emptied out. Full bin sensors are available on higher-end robot vacuums.

Difference 3: Color and Look

The Roomba 675 is black with grey trim, whereas the 692 has a more uniform grey finish covering the entire vacuum. This doesn’t matter to most people, but some may prefer one over the other.

Difference 4: Availability and Price

This difference will probably make your buying decision very simple.

The 675 is a slightly older model and will probably be harder to come by. The flip side of this is the fact that you can often find a good deal on the price.

The 692 is newer, and the pricing for this Roomba is more consistent. The good thing about that is that you can find the 692 almost everywhere online. You can find it at Amazon, iRobot, and wherever else you prefer to buy from.

Since the two robot vacuums are so similar, I would suggest picking up whichever one is on sale at the moment.

Now, onto the similarities.

Similarity 1: Both are equipped with dual brushes.

Both the Roomba 675 and 692 have 1 brush roller and 1 rubber, bristle-less roller. The rubber roller is by far easier to clean. But the bristled roller helps deep clean carpets a little better.

Similarity 2: The cleaning power on these two models are about equal.

Both have good performance in picking up dirt and debris. The suction system used is the same, so performance on low pile carpet, high pile carpet, and bare floors is about the same.

Similarity 3: the accessories that come with both models are exactly the same.

No virtual walls are included with either model. Those will have to be purchased separately. Both Roombas are meant to be budget-oriented. Higher end Roombas will have one or two virtual walls included.

Similarity 4: Both are wi-fi and voice control-enabled.

“Alexa, start Roomba”.  You can command your Roomba to start cleaning with your voice. This feature is available on both the 675 and 692.

Of course, you would need a compatible smart device such as an Amazon Echo or Apple’s Siri to take advantage of the voice controls.

Wifi connectivity is standard on both models as well. 

Similarity 5: Both vacuums use a random navigation pattern to clean.

As these models are in the budget category, they do not come equipped with cameras or mapping units.

The result is that these machines use a pseudo-random cleaning pattern to make sure they distribute cleaning power evenly throughout the room.

Although it’s slightly more inefficient, the random pattern actually ensures pretty complete coverage of whatever room they’re in. 

iRobot Roomba 692 Robot Vacuum-Wi-Fi Connectivity, Personalized Cleaning Recommendations, Works with Alexa, Good for Pet Hair, Carpets, Hard Floors, Self-Charging

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So there you have the differences and similarities between the Roomba 675 and Roomba 692.

If you’re looking for a Roomba to last you awhile without breaking your bank account, either will do fine. Both models hold up well when it comes to cleaning carpets or bare floors due to their dual brushes system that includes both bristled roller and rubber bristle-less rollers.

If you are still having trouble deciding on which one to get, here’s my suggestion: pick up whichever one is cheaper.

After all, that’s really what you’re paying for here: a Roomba with good cleaning performance at an affordable price. You get exactly that with either model.

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