Yes, these ARE the droids you’re looking for…

What is blue, white, & silver, and can clean your house without you ever being at home? This R2-D2 themed roomba of course: 


Image credit: Bel & Bel

We love our Roomba. We love Star Wars. So it’s no wonder we love this awesome R2 Roomba. Design studio Bel & Bel came up with these decals for the Roomba line in 2016. While there is still no word of pricing or availability, just the possibility of R2 running around the house makes us giddy with excitement. Too bad no one here at Smart Robotic Home has the drive nor the talent to make these stickers ourselves.

If you are looking for normal, boring decals not of the Star Wars variety, they may be found at No, they are not nearly as cool but will have to do for now. Hint to creatives: BB-8 is just as cool as R2! Let us know if you have any creative suggestions for Roomba skins below.

Thanks to Gizmodo for first reporting on this.


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