iRobot's Braava Jet 6 and Braava Jet 240

iRobot Braava Jet M6 vs Braava Jet 240: Differences Explained

Robot vacuum seem to get all the glory, but it could be the robot mops that are the real MVPs. Not only does iRobot produce some of the best robot vacuums with their Roomba lines, but they also have some worthy mopping robots to consider. The Braava Jet M6 and Braava Jet 240 go head to head in this article.

Which one is right for your home? This might not be a simple answer. Here I will take you through the features, options and abilities of each robot to find out. In short, if you have a large hard flooring space and want the latest in technology, the M6 could be for you. However, if you have a smaller floor space that needs mopping, the Braava Jet 240 might be what you need. Let’s find out.

Differences between Braava Jet M6 and Braava Jet 240

There are quite a few things you will find that are different between the two models. Here is a list of the most important things that are different.

  • The M6 uses iAdapt 3.0 navigation while the 240 uses the older 2.0 system.
  • The 240 is much smaller than the M6 weighing over 2 pounds less and over 3 inches shorter in width and length.
  • There is a vibrating head to get a deeper clean on the 240 that the M6 doesn’t have.
  • The Braava Jet M6 has Recharge and Resume capabilities for entire level cleaning while the 240 must be manually recharged.
  • Wireless communications allow voice commands and mobile app controls on the M6 that the 240 doesn’t offer.
  • The M6 is compatible with the dual-mode virtual wall barriers, and the 240 has built-in virtual wall mode.
  • Imprint Technology can be found on the M6, making it compatible with the Roomba i7 or s9 models. The 240 doesn’t have Imprint Technology.
  • You can create zones for cleaning as well as using the virtual containment on the mobile app with the Braava M6 but not the Braava 240.

Similarities between the M6 and 240

Because both robots are made by iRobot, there are bound to be some similarities. Let’s take a look at what those commonalities are.

  • Both models offer a dry sweep and a wet mop, though neither will vacuum up debris.
  • Each robot has a jet sprayer to wet the floor ahead of the robot.
  • You can choose between dry or wet pads depending on the mode you wish to use.
  • The M6 and 240 will each make use of the iRobot Home app. Note that the 240 is only for updates and information; there are no mobile controls.
  • Both robots us a water reservoir tank for wet mopping functionality.
  • You will receive the iRobot 1-year limited warranty with either device.

Comparison Table

Here we can see the options offered by both models in this side-by-side comparison chart.

Braava Jet M6 Braava Jet 240
Battery 3300mAh Lithium-ion (suspected) 1800mAh Lithium-ion
Runtime Up to 180 minutes Up to 180 minutes
Recharge About 3 hours About 2.5 hours
Dimensions 10.6 x 10.6 x 3.5 inches 6.7 x 7 x 3.3 inches
iAdapt Version 3.0 2.0
Weight 4.85 pounds 2.7 pounds
Vacuum No No
Sweep Yes Yes
Dry Mop Yes Yes
Damp Mop No Yes
Wet Mop Yes Yes
Vibrating Head No Yes
Collection Bin Capacity N/A N/A
Water Reservoir Capacity 0.44L (15 ounces) 0.15L
Entire Level Clean Yes No
Automatic Recharge Yes No
Wireless Communications Yes No
Mobile App Yes Yes
Voice Commands Yes No
Local Controls Yes Yes
Remote Control No No
Zone Cleaning Yes No
Imprint Smart Mapping Yes No
Imprint Link Yes (Roomba i7/s9 Compatible only) No
Warranty 1 Year 1 Year
Price Check on Amazon Check on Amazon

Comparing the Braava Jet M6 to the Braava Jet 240

Now we will dive inside and take a look at the various features and options of the two mopping robots to find out which one offers you more and which model is best suited for your home.

Cleaning Area

Depending on how much hard flooring you have in your home, you may be compelled to purchase one model over the other. The Braava M6 is designed for larger floor plans and multiple rooms. The M6 has mapping and navigation features that allow it to remember where it has been and where it needs to go.

There are also other features such as Recharge and Resume, along with a large-celled battery to help the robot power through for extended cleaning sessions. If you have a home with primarily all hard flooring, the M6 might be the model you need, regardless of how the rest of this feature comparison stacks up.

On the other hand, if your home is mainly carpeted, you might not need to spend the money on the more expensive model. The Braava 240 is designed for smaller areas and cleaning single rooms.

Your kitchen and bathroom might be the only rooms in the house that need mopping. If this is the case, there isn’t a need for all the fancy features that come with the M6. For these homes, the Braava 240 is a sound choice to keep your tile and vinyl looking clean and appealing.

Bottom Line: This round is a tie. It’s all about need. If you have a larger home, go with the M6. If you have a smaller apartment or little hard flooring, go with the 240.

Jet Spray and Reservoir Tanks

As you can tell by their names, the Braava Jet M6 and Braava jet 240 use jet sprayers to wet the floor. The precision sprayers pull water from the reservoir tanks and keep the ground wet for the mopping pads to collect.

The 240 has an agitating head that will scrub the floors while mopping. This is useful for stuck-on stains and grime. The M6 doesn’t have an agitating head but is still quite capable. In testing, the M6 is able to clean up grime, dirt, small solids like salt or sugar as well as sticky messes like honey.

Since the M6 has a longer battery life and will map your home to clean a much larger space, it only makes sense that the reservoir tank is larger. On the M6 the container will hold 0.44L of water. You can mix in the approved iRobot floor cleaner if you wish, though the use of anything else will void the warranty.

On the other hand, the 240 only has a 0.15L tank capacity, which is still plenty to mop a kitchen floor and a bathroom.

Bottom Line: The M6 wins. The larger tank and cleaning capabilities match or exceed that of the 240.

Dry, Damp and Wet Mopping

Both models will do a dry sweeping and a wet mop. The Braava 240 will also perform a damp mop that the M6 isn’t rated for.

However, because a damp mop is sometimes warranted, there are ways around this. The reason that the M6 doesn’t have a damp mop feature (when the mopping pad is damp but not consistently wet), is because it self-identifies which mopping pad is attached.

If the mop pad is on the robot, the sprayer will function. If the sweeping pad is in place, the sprayer won’t work.

However, if you want a damp mop with the M6, you can put the sweeping pad on and then treating the dirty areas you want to focus on with a spray bottle of water or cleaning solution. The dry pad will get damp as it covers the area.

The Braava 240 has a third pad for this purpose and won’t get the whole area wet while mopping as it does with a mopping pad in place. Like the M6, the Braava 240 will recognize which pad is in place and perform a single, double or triple pass cleaning run. The single pass is for dry sweeping while the double and triple passes are for damp and wet mopping, respectively.

For both models, it is recommended to run a dry sweep before mopping to help collect any dirt and debris on the floors before getting the floors wet and making a bigger mess of things.

Bottom Line: The Braava Jet 240 has a leg up here. It is rated for all three cleaning styles, where the M6 is only rated for dry sweep or wet mop.

Imprint Technology

One of the most significant advancements is the inclusion of Imprint Technology. This two-part tech adds functionality and control to the Braava M6. The Braava 240 does not have Imprint Technology capabilities.

The first tech is called Imprint Smart Mapping. This uses the camera-based navigation of the iAdapt 3.0 system to create a map of your entire home. Once completed, you will be able to use the map found on the mobile app to name rooms, set boundaries, and tell the robot which room or rooms to clean.

Imprint Smart Mapping also allows for up to 10 floor plans to be saved, so you don’t have to rescan a home to clean a different floor.

The other tech is called Imprint Link. The M6 will be able to communicate with the Roomba i7 and Roomba s9 models for a complete home cleaning. There are two methods of setting up Imprint Link.

The first allows the Roomba to go through the entire home, updating the Braava M6 with its location and when a specific room is completed. Once the Roomba is far enough ahead, the M6 will begin cleaning behind the Roomba to keep your floors vacuumed, swept and mopped all with a single schedule.

The second functionality is that you can have both robots cleaning at the same time. This allows the Roomba to only clean on floors that are carpeted and the Braava only mopping rooms that are hard flooring. The two robots won’t get in each other’s way, nor cross the lines into another room.

Bottom Line: The M6 wins since the Braava 240 doesn’t have Imprint Technology.


The two robots handle recharging their batteries differently. The M6 is entirely automatic while the 240 is manual.

The Braava 240 has a lithium-ion battery that will give you about 180 minutes of runtime. When the cleaning cycle is done, or the battery dies, you will need to recharge it. The Braava 240 comes with a removable battery and a battery charger. You need to plug the charger into an outlet and then plug the battery into the charger.

The indicator on the charger will blink amber while the battery is charging. When the charging cycle is complete, the indicator light will turn solid green, and the battery is ready to run again.

The M6 handles things a little differently. The Braava M6 comes with a Home Base charging station, much like the Roomba robots use. As the battery begins to die out (about 10% charge remaining), the M6 will stop the cleaning and return to the Home Base.

Once it docks, the battery will recharge, a process that takes about three hours. If the cleaning cycle wasn’t completed, the Braava would resume cleaning where it left off until the job is done.

Bottom Line: The Braava Jet M6 wins. Automatic charging as well as resuming a cleaning cycle is always better than a manual job.

WiFi and Controls

The Braava 240 keeps controls simple. There is only one button on the robot as everything else is automated. Depending on which cleaning pad you attach, the 240 will know which type of cleaning cycle to run.

You place the robot on the floor and press the clean button to send the little robot off to do its job. The sensors and camera-based navigation allow the robot to make a temporary map of your home, so it knows where to go and where it has been. As soon as you remove the battery to recharge, though, this map is lost.

The 240 also has intelligence floor sensors that know the difference between hard flooring and carpet. Using these sensors, the Braava Jet 240 will not climb onto the carpet or attempt to fall down stairs.

The Braava M6 has more control options. Like the 240, the M6 will detect which type of cleaning pad is attached to know which cleaning mode to use. However, the M6 comes with WiFi capabilities, which mean you don’t have to rely on manually pushing a button.

Instead, you can use Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant devices to control the robot, set or edit schedules, and get updates with your voice. You also have the option to use the iRobot Home app (highly recommended).

The app will show you the map, allow you full control over the robot, programming, and schedule creation. It should be noted that the mobile app will also detail the 240. However, you won’t be able to program or create schedules. Instead, the only use is for updating the robot’s firmware when a new version is released.

Bottom Line: The Braava M6 wins. With a full arsenal of control options, it is a hands-down winner over the 240.


When it comes to containment, the Braava Jet 240 uses internal sensors to confine itself. The sensors won’t allow the robot to climb on the carpeting. However, if you want to confine the robot to a single room (or smaller portion of a larger room), you can activate the internal virtual wall.

As noted above, the 240 will create a map of your home. It does this by using the starting point and moving to the robot’s right until it encounters a wall. It then cleans in forward and back parallel lines until the entire space has been cleaned.

When you start the robot, though, you can keep it contained to a specific area. You begin by placing the robot with the rear on the invisible line you do not want it to cross. Power on the robot and press and hold the Clean button. After a few seconds, two blue lights will illuminate on the robot’s faceplate.

As the robot begins cleaning, it will note where it started and how far ahead it can travel. On return trips, the 240 will not cross the line  where it started as if it began cleaning butted up against a wall.

The M6 handles containment differently. Using the map produced by the robot in the mobile app, you can select rooms to either be cleaned or not cleaned. Those marked as off-limits will be avoided.

If this virtual containment isn’t enough, the Braava M6 is also compatible with the dual-mode virtual wall barriers. You can set these devices up to prevent the M6 from entering or exiting rooms, cordoning off certain areas of larger rooms or protecting objects on the floor like pet dishes.

Bottom Line: This is a tie. Both have containment options that are straightforward and virtually failsafe.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s answer some of the more common questions regarding these two robots and iRobot in general. If you have more concerns, please use the comment section below the article.

Q. What replacement parts are currently available?

A. For the Braava Jet 240, you can purchase new cleaning pads in any of the three available styles (dry, damp or wet). You can also buy a replacement battery or a new charger. You can also get a new Braava Jet filter or the Braava Jet floor cleaning solution as well.

The Braava Jet  hasn’t been on the market long enough for any warrantied pieces to be out of warranty, so the battery or Home Base won’t be available for purchase yet. If you need new ones, you can file a warranty claim. However, you can purchase replacement cleaning pads in either wet or dry styles.

Q. How do I contact iRovbot Customer Service?

A. If you want to call customer service, you can do so at 1-800-727-9077. If you’re going to email or use their live chat options, you can find the correct email addresses or live chat links on their customer service page.

Q. What is the warranty period, and how do I make a claim?

A. You will need to register your device as soon as you purchase it. However, if you don’t, you can use the purchase receipt as proof of purchase date. The 240 and M6 both have a limited 12-month warranty on both the robot and the battery.

To make a claim, you will need to follow the instructions for claiming, when and how to claim as well as what information you will need to submit on the iRobot Warranty information page.

What I Like About the Braava Jet 240

  • Ideal for small spaces or a single room.
  • Detects the type of clean needed based on the attached pad.
  • While a slow moving machine, the 180 minute runtime is admirable.

What I Like About the Braava Jet M6

  • Imprint Technology is useful as well as impressive.
  • Recharge and Resume means you never have to worry if the floors are completed.
  • Will map your home (up to 10 floor plans) allowing you more control and programming options.

In Conclusion

Mopping robots aren’t as popular as their vacuuming counterparts. However, they are just as useful. Knowing the right one for you is crucial in your purchase decision so that you don’t end up paying for features that you don’t need or won’t use.

The Braava Jet 240 is considerably less expensive. However, it lacks a lot of the newer technology and functionality. It still has a place in many homes, though, especially those that only have hard flooring in the kitchen and bathroom. You won’t be able to schedule a cleaning or have any automated features, but the robot does its job well.

The Braava Jet M6 is the latest model to be released by iRobot and is feature-rich. It will use Imprint Technology to communicate with a Roomba s9 and to map your floors for a thorough and precise clean. The M6 is designed for larger floor spaces and will clean an entire level without giving up, even if the battery dies out.

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