The Best Black Friday Dyson Deals for 2019

For Black Friday 2019, if you have had your eye on a Dyson stick vacuum or Dyson fan, it is time to act! We expect a lot of great deals to show up over the Black Friday shopping event, and we have you covered right here.

We will continuously update this page with the latest information, sales prices, and specials for the best Dyson vacuums and fans. Everything from the Dyson V6 to the new Dyson V11 should see a significant price drop, and we won’t let you down. Bookmark this page and check back often to see the best Dyson deals around.

When is Black Friday 2019?

In 2019, as with every year, Thanksgiving falls on the last Thursday in November. This year that means Black Friday, the giant sales day after Thanksgiving, will be on the 29th of November, 2019.

However, retailers and manufacturers want to extend sales opportunities and boost their sales reports. So they usually start the sale early, extend it later, and you get to enjoy the savings the entire time.

Officially, the sales will start on Monday, November 25th, 2019, extend through Black Friday into Small Business Saturday and end with Cyber Monday on December 2nd, 2019. While some sale prices have already started to emerge, the bulk of the price drops will happen during this week-long period.


Black Friday Dyson Deals

Brick and Mortar stores may carry the Dyson brands, but the cooling fans and stick vacuums aren’t going to be stocked at high levels. We have left a majority of these possible retailers off of the list to focus on those that have the stock and the specials.


Dyson Website

Dyson no longer sells cooling fans through their website. However, you can pick up the Dyson AM09 model for $449.99.

The Dyson V7 has four current options. You can get the Motorhead for $299.99, the Fluffy for $329.99, the Absolute for $349.99 or the Animal for $399.99.

You will find all version of the Dyson V8 online as well. The Absolute is listed for $449.99 while the Animal is on sale for 249.99, saving you $150.00.

The three versions of the Dyson V10 are for sale as well. The Motorhead doesn’t have a current discount and is listed for $499.99. The Animal is $70.00 off, listing for $449.99, while the Absolute has a discount of $200.00 making it 299.99. (you still have the option of getting the V10 DOK free with the Absolute model as well).

Finally, the V11 on Dyson’s website has the Animal listed for $599.99 while the Torque Drive/Absolute has three new color options, including exclusive black, listed for $699.99.


Best Buy

Best Buy has the AM07 fan with a discount of $120.00 listing the final price at $279.99.

You will find that the AM09 fan has a limited stock and is selling for $449.99.

The Dyson V7 (Fluffy) is discounted $70 for a final listing price of 279.99.

Best Buy gives you $100 off the V8 Animal, listing a final price of $299.99.

If you want more, the Dyson V11 Torque Drive is listed at $699.99.


Bed, Bath & Beyond

BB&B doesn’t sell many Dyson fans, however, they do offer the Dyson V8 Animal for $399.99 with $80 off if you join the Beyond+ club.

The V7 Motorhead model is listed for $299.99 with an additional $60 off for the Beyond+ club members.

They also list the V10 Motorhead model for a final price of $499.99, no Beyond+ member discount.

Finally, you can find the V11 Animal listed for $599.99, again without a discount for Beyond+ members.


Which Dyson is Best?

There are two Dyson fans you should be on the lookout for. The bladeless technology makes for an attractive, versatile, and dependable fan.

Their stick vacuums have come a long way in terms of power, suction, and battery life. Here is a brief overview of the various models we expect to have the biggest discounts for Black Friday 2019.


Dyson AM07

The Dyson AM07 is one of the hottest selling fans (pun intended) from the entire Dyson lineup. Part of the reason is that it comes with a lower price tag than the others, but its performance speaks for itself.

The AM07 is a cooling fan only, and it doesn’t have a tilt capability. It will oscillate, though, and can move air to cool a room of about 500 square feet. The bladeless design uses a motor (as found in the Dyson vacuums) to pull air in from the back, build up the air pressure, and pushes the air out the front of the fan, all without a rotating blade.

The remote control is the only control option for changing oscillation or selecting from the ten speed controls.


Dyson AM09

The Dyson AM09 is similar to the AM07 in a lot of ways. They are both tower fans, oscillate and push air to cool a 500 square foot room. Both are remote control operated and have a bladeless design.

The AM09, however, is also a heater. It comes with three heating elements that can push warmed air through the room when needed. The AM09 also has a tilt function that allows you to push the air in any direction more accurately.

What’s more, the Dyson AM09 is the only Dyson fan with Jet Focus. This is a feature that pushes the air straight ahead instead of dispersing it from the tower — a slightly more forcible airflow for unidirectional heating or cooling experience.


Dyson V6

The Dyson V6 was the first of many in the V-series line up. The motor and collection bin is perpendicular to the handle, creating a “T” shape. This made it easier to hold in handheld mode but took away from the suction power.

The V6 will run for about 20 minutes on its rechargeable battery and comes with enough tools to get the job done in your home or automobile. When you aren’t using it, you can plug it in or hang in on the wall-mount charging rack.

The big drawback to the early models was the attachment and removal of the wands and tools. The issue was addressed in the V8 model moving forward, but it is an awkward removal process, and getting other tools on can sometimes be difficult.


Dyson V7

The Dyson V7 continued the side-motor trend and increased the battery life to half an hour over the V6. With the same tool attachment style and the same additional parts, the V7 was simply an upgrade of the V6.

The V7 did see a slight increase in motor speed and suction power, but there wasn’t a lot of differences overall. Most of the tools are interchangeable, which did save some money for those making the upgrade after owning the V6 already.


Dyson V8

Most of the big changes started with the Dyson V8. The biggest change was the motor and collection bin location. Instead of hanging off the bottom; it was moved to be in-line with the trigger and wand.

While this made the machine a bit more awkward to use in handheld mode, it did create more suction power. The battery was also improved to allow for more power to the motor heads, providing a better clean.

As with the V7 and later V10 and V11 models, the V8 came in a few different sub-models. The Animal is the most popular version, mainly because the cost was lower. Aside from the color schemes of the vacuums, the primary differences in sub-model categories are what you get included with the purchase.

Various tools are added for each version, and the Animal has only the bare essentials, making it a bit more affordable. The Absolute sub-model is the second most popular as it generally comes with almost all tools.


Dyson V10

When the V10 was launched, it saw more fanfare than any previous model. It quickly sprung to the top of the stick vacuum charts with the most suction, power, and battery life. The V10 introduced three sub-models, the Absolute, Animal, and Motorhead.

The Absolute was the most sought after, but the differences were the same; the number and type of tools included. The V10 is also the only Dyson stick vacuum that can use the V10 DOK, a docking system, and a charger that holds two motorized cleaning heads, wands, and up to 10 tools. You also had the option to get this for free when ordering through Dyson directly.

It was only about a year before Dyson released the V11, and people began to wonder if the upgrade was worth it.


Dyson V11

The Dyson V11 is the current head of the line. There are small improvements over the V10. The V11 introduced us to Intelligent Suction, an automatic motor speed and suction increase when the vacuum detects it is on carpeting.

The V11 also comes with a digital screen displaying power mode and battery life. We lost the Motorhead sub-model but kept the Absolute (also known as Torque Drive) and Animal. The only difference between the two are color, and the display screen (one—the Torque Drive—is LCD with instructional videos the other—The Animal—is LED without videos).

The V11 further increased suction power and increased productivity on all three cleaning modes. We also have a comparison between the V10 and V11 for you to get more details, found here.


What are the Best Black Friday Deals?

When it comes to the Dyson fans, the best deals will be found on the AM07. The already lower price point makes it more viable for many, and a good Black Friday sale might just be the push you need to make the purchase finally. Don’t discount the AM09, though, for a year-round heating and cooling option, it is sure to sell a lot of units.

On the vacuum side, the V10 and V11 are expected to be the biggest movers. If you are here after one of these models, shop early. The supplies won’t last long on either option. If you need a back-up model, go with the V8, as it is the closest in power and performance to the V10 and V11 models, plus it is easier to remove and attach the tools compared to the V6 and V7.


Which Deal do we Recommend?

There are several models worthy of keeping an eye on. However, the biggest discounts are going to come from Amazon and will be on the Dyson AM09 fan as well as the Dyson V8 stick vacuum.

If you are looking for either a fan or a new vacuum, these two models will see a lot of sales and huge discounts. Snag them up while you can.

When you are ready to buy, make sure you have this page bookmarked and come back (or refresh often) to make sure the current price is the lowest possible.


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