The Best Eufy Deals for Black Friday 2021

Eufy is best known for its robotic vacuums. The Eufy 11S is their most popular model and one of the most sought after for Eufy Cyber Monday deals. Not to be outdone, though, is the Eufy Robovac 12, and 15c, as well as a few select other models that are worth your attention.

Eufy, however, also has other smart home features. Included in their repertoire are video doorbells, security cameras, and smart bulbs. We will focus on the robot vacuums for this Cyber Monday special, though, and dabble on some of the other high-priority items for you as well.

Current Eufy Deals

Eufy will have deals on most of their products for the Cyber Monday 2019 sales events. You will find deals on their website, through Amazon and through a variety of other resellers that carry the Eufy line.

Check back often throughout the sales days to see the current and updated prices for the Eufy device you have decided on buying.

Eufy Website

Eufy hosted a decent Cyber Monday sale on their website last year and we expect the same this year. While there has been no formal announcement, we didn’t get one in 2018 either. However, most of the specials hosted on Amazon are sponsored by Eufy. We expect a similar discount on the website.

The Eufy L70 Hybrid is listed for $549.99. It is unknown at this time how much of a discount there will be on the latest model. However we expect it to drop at least $50.

Eufy 30C is also going to go on sale on the Eufy website, though we aren’t sure when. The coupon from Amazon is sponsored by Eufy, so we expect the deal to switch over to their website once the sales begin. Currently listed at $299.99.

Eufy 15C Max is one of the most powerful robots made by Eufy. Currently listed on their site for $279.99, we expect to see this price decrease by at least $30 on Cyber Monday.

Eufy Lumos smart bulb is a constant $19.99. We don’t expect the price to drop this year, however, it won’t be surprising to see a package deal come out of this device. A buy one, get one deal or something similar is highly possible.


Walmart is one of the leaders in Cyber Monday sales. With that, though, they don’t carry many Eufy robots in stock. However through you can find a few deals.

The Eufy 11S is going to be the most purchased Eufy this season (we believe) followed closely by the 30C. Walmart lists the 11S at $229.00 without a sale price. This is a great deal already, but stock is limited.

Currently the Eufy Robovac 25C is on sale for $199.99. This is a savings of $50 off retail.

You can also find the lesser known Robovac 15T listed for $199.99. While this model isn’t expected to go on sale, for a Wi-Fi connected Eufy, it isn’t a bad deal in its own right.


If tradition holds, most of the Eufy items going on sale through Amazon will be done in the Flash sales they hold. Released every 30 minutes and good until stock expires, you need to be on the spot and ready to go when the deal hits. Keep refreshing our page to find out when your device goes on sale.

Other Retailers

With the exception of auction sites, you won’t find the Eufy line up in vary many other retailers. When you do, they generally won’t be the latest models. There are some, though, that are worth considering.

Best Buy lists the Eufy 15T for $8 off the regular 199.99, at $191.99. This isn’t a huge savings, but it will cover shipping. We don’t expect this model to go much lower in price here.

Best Buy lists the Eufy 35C at $225.99 which is a savings of $74. Like most other Eufy items at Best Buy, we don’t expect another price drop beyond this one.

You will also find the EufyCam 2 series cameras at Best Buy. The 2-cam set is listed at $349.99. This is regular price, though we wouldn’t be surprised to see a door-buster type deal on the limited stock.

Finally, the Eufy Lumos A19 smart bulb is listed through Best Buy at $19.99. No sale expected again, here. But we will let you know if there is one.

What are the Best Cyber Monday Deals?

While we give this shopping season everything we have, it is easy to get confused and mixed up on what it is you should be searching for. The best plan of attack is to make a list of which Eufy item or items you want to purchase.

Use this page to find the best deals on Eufy products and refresh often when you are ready to buy. We will continuously update this page to bring you the best deals every minute. For our money, you are going to find the best deals on the Eufy Robovac 30C, followed closely by the Robovac 11S.

We suggest you read the reviews and find out which model is best for you and then wait for the sales to hit.

Which Deal do we Recommend?

Currently, the best deal is through Amazon on the Eufy Robovac 30C. With an already discounted price, the coupon for a free smart scale and an additional $100 off the price is going to be hard to beat.

Even if you don’t need the scale, you can probably find a use for it, or use it as a gift for someone you know. We won’t tell them you got it for free.

Which Eufy is Best?

While the Eufy smart bulbs and Eufycam make waves and have found their way into more and more homes as time goes on, the Robovacs are the most popular devices. Eufy’s Robovac 11 and 12 are the two most popular models, with the 11S and 11+ being the robots that have sold the most units. There is also the Eufy 15c and Eufy 30.

Let’s take a moment to quickly cover each model that you can find on sale this Cyber Monday.

Eufy Robovac 11

The 11 series robots use a high-efficiency filter, as do most all the Robovac models. However, unlike the high-efficiency filter of the Roomba models, this one isn’t HEPA rated. You will need the Robovac 12 for allergen reduction filters.

The 11S model is one of the most basic robot models around, which is part of its charm and appeal. There aren’t wireless communications, so you won’t get the use of mobile apps or voice commands. The robot doesn’t have a mapping feature, either.

The 11+ model will run up to 90 minutes on a single charge. It will not resume cleaning after a session, though, unless you manually restart it. The 11 series robots are so agreeable, though, because of their simplicity.

Without a lot of bells and whistles, the ease of use and low price makes them alluring for first-time robot vacuum owners and those looking for a second robot for a different floor of the home or in the basement.

Eufy Robovac 12

The Robovac 12 is the more powerful older brother of the Robovac 11. The motor has increased suction with Boost IQ technology. This will allow the robot to change motor speed, increasing suction from 1300pa to 1500pa.

The Robovac 12 isn’t a new design over the 11S model, but the 3rd generation motor is one of the few changes that were made. Because the 11S is now less expensive with the release of the Robovac 12, it is a much better deal for almost the same robot.

Filtration is the name of the game with the Eufy robots. They use a triple-stage filter that has a HEPA layer as well as an odor-absorbing layer to help reduce smells and capture in-home allergens. You won’t find this filter in the 11 series robots.

Eufy Robovac 15

The Robovac 15C comes after the 12 series and is a surprising twist to the no-frills robots Eufy is known for. The “C” stands for “Communications,” meaning wireless abilities. You can still use the Eufy remote control, which works surprisingly well. However, you will be more interested in the mobile app and Amazon Alexa voice controls.

The filter was downgraded to the non-HEPA version of the 11 series, though you can go about six months before it needs to be changed. The dual side brushes and long battery life (about 100 minutes per charge), will help seal the deal for those looking for a more intelligent robot at a low price.

Eufy Robovac 30 Series

One of the latest budget-friendly models come in the 30-series. This includes the Robovac 30 and 30C. Both have wireless communications and include Bot Boundary tape for containment options.

You still have the lower end filter, and some of the controls are buggy. However, this was Eufy’s first attempt at a true smart robot. It didn’t go over well with the masses and isn’t likely to be high on your buy list.

However, if you want improved performance, better suction, and more efficient use of the battery, the 30C might be worth looking into during this Cyber Monday sales event.

Eufy Robovac L70 Hybrid

The latest Robovac to come out is an attempt from Eufy to do “everything.” the L70 hybrid will most likely have the best deals during Cyber Monday to get the word out about this all-in-one robot.

For the first time, the Robovac units have laser-guided navigation and mapping. With the use of the new mobile app, you can use digital containment instead of that tacky magnet tape. It will work with Amazon Alexa’s voice commands too.

Oh, did I mention that it also mops? With an adjustable reservoir, you can control the water flow for the best cleaning option for your floor type. The downside here is that to date, no robot has been able to sweep, vacuum, and mop with great success successfully. The L70 is no different.

Unfortunately, even with the best suction of any Eufy ever (2200pa) and Boost IQ, the L70 isn’t a very good vacuum. However, if you have wall-to-wall hardwood flooring, it is a decent option for a 3-in-1 model. Look for huge savings on an already affordable mopping and vacuuming robot during the sales.

Eufy Smart Bulbs

Eufy makes a series of smart bulbs called Lumos. The Lumos Smart Bulb 2.0 is the one you will want to be on the lookout for this Cyber Monday.

The Lumos 2.0 allows you to use voice commands through Alexa or Google Assistant, set schedules, add ambiance, and adjust brightness levels. The Eufy Home app that controls the Robovacs will also work with the Lumos Bulbs.


Eufycam comes in two flavors, the Eufycam 2C and E-series. If you are shopping for an affordable, reliable security camera this holiday season, you can save a lot of money over some of the bigger names and get just as many features.

The E-series will be your best bet to look for, though there is still a small market that would be better with the 2C. The E series uses a rechargeable battery that lasts up to a full year while in use (3-years in standby mode).

It also boasts 2-way communications, full 1080p HD resolution, and simple installation and set up. For those worried about monthly subscriptions to services, there are none with the Eufycam. You, instead, use a 16gig SD card to store anything you want without having to upload and retrieve from a cloud.

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When is Cyber Monday and Black Friday 2020?

Black Friday in 2019 will begin on the 27th of November. This is the Friday following the Thanksgiving holiday in America. Black Friday is no longer just a US tradition. In the recent few years, the giant sale day has extended to Europe and, most recently, to Asia.

Now, to help sales, even more brands and companies, as well as retailers, are extending their sales days to days and even weeks before the actual Black Friday time. In fact, some stores begin discounting prices heavily around the first week in November, especially the likes of car dealers and other large ticket item manufactures.

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