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The Best Roborock Deals for Black Friday 2021

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Which Roborock is Best for You?

Roborock split from their ecosystem partnership with Xiaomi and began making the robots mostly by themselves. They are still a non-proprietary division of the collaborative ecosystem, but most of the parts and marketing are no solely the responsibility of Roborock.

Below, we give you a brief rundown of the models that will be on sale this Cyber Monday shopping season.

Roborock Mi 2

The Mi to or Generation 2, or any of the other names you want to call it, is the first time Roborock got their name on the robot. The original Mi had the Xiaomi moniker. However, Roborock did more of the work for the second-generation model and was able to put their name on the robot. From there, Roborock began to separate into the company we know today.

The Mi 2 is still a decent choice for those looking for a cheap robot that works most of the time. The Mi 2 has Recharge and Resume capabilities, runs for about two full hours between charges, and will pick up right where it left off after its long, 5-hour, recharge time.

It will clean all hard flooring surfaces, as well as low pile carpeting. It, like most other Roborock vacuums, also mops. The Roborock Gen 2 was a feat unlike any other before (or since). You can vacuum while mopping with this robot.

If the mopping pad and water tank (0.15L capacity) were attached, the robot would use the LDS navigation system to travel backward. The brush roll would sweep and vacuum the floors while the mopping pad cleaned up afterward. Remove the water tank, and the robot will only vacuum, moving forward.

The mobile app is relatively straightforward, and it had a lot of promise. It was intuitive, if not cumbersome, and controlled the Mi, Mi 2, and all other Xiaomi products such as smart lighting. For the most part, the app worked well but began to develop a lot of issues. Roborok now has its own app, but it isn’t compatible with the Mi 2.

Roborock S5

The Roborock S5 was the first venture that was truly their own. Unlike the E series and C series robots (discussed below), the S5 model was done almost completely by Roborock. It is also the first of the lineup to use the new Roborock mobile app.

The S5 continues with the name issue problems, and the S5, S5, S55, etc. are the same model (just different colors). The mopping portion of the robot isn’t the greatest, and you are still limited to low-pile carpeting. However, for a quick and inexpensive clean, the S5 is a step up from the Mi 2.

Roborock S4

If there is one thing that is consistent with Roborock, it is the confusion they create with their model names. The Roborock S4 is the newest model, even though the S5 and S6 model names would suggest otherwise.

Unlike the two other robots, the S4 doesn’t have a mopping feature. Instead, the S4 focuses on sweeping and vacuuming your floors. It still uses the same 5200mAh battery, LDS navigation, and mapping and will recharge and resume cleaning when needed.

The biggest difference (aside from the lack of mopping) is the two-direction drive train. The S4 can move backward to avoid getting stuck in seemingly simple conditions, unlike the S5 and S6.

Roborock S6

The Roborock S6 came out a year after the S5 and had quite a few improvements. For starters, the brush roller comes apart in pieces making removal and cleaning a bit easier. It still uses the large 5200mAh battery of old, but it is more efficient, giving you about two and a half hours of run time.

Mopping was also improved, but it still lacks in the functional cleaning department. For a quick spill or a buff and shine job, it works well, though. The backward movement was removed with the S5, and still isn’t present in the S6. This single-direction drive train caused a lot of issues, with the two models getting stuck.

Since the Roborock S6 is a premium model, there aren’t any big discounts on the S6 this year.

Roborock E35

The E-series is another Roborock robot that mops and vacuums. It is more of the original style collaborative effort, using parts from Xiaomi and other vendors to create a complete robot. The main difference here is that the E35 is a less expensive model.

Despite the larger collection bin, it doesn’t have mapping abilities. This also means you don’t get the zone cleaning ability either. However, if you don’t want to spend a lot on a robot that can mop and vacuum low pile carpeting, the E35 is a decent option to consider.

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Roborock E20/E25

Like the E35, the Roborock E20 (E25 is the same robot, different color) is a cheaper alternative to the S series robots. The E20 has a larger collection bin (0.64L vs. 0.48L), along with mopping and mapping. It doesn’t have zone cleaning, and the battery is much smaller (2600mAh vs. 5200mAh).

The cleaning is improved, though the robot only runs for about an hour and a half. The slow-moving robot will mop as well as the S5 or S6 but doesn’t handle carpeting as well. Instead of having boosted performances and 2000pa suction power, the E20 only brings 1800pa suction to the carpet cleaning challenge.

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Roborock C10

The Roborock C10 is the least expensive model of them all and has a lower price tag due to missing items. The C10 has a smaller battery, smaller collection bin, and doesn’t map, have zone cleaning or mopping capabilities.

Focusing more on carpet cleaning, the C10 is the cheaper version of the new S4, and if you have a choice between the two, go with the S4. However, with the Roborock C10 Cyber Monday deals, it may be too irresistible to pass up.


Black Friday Roborock Deals

Last year Roborock and Xiaomi had excellent discounts on their robots for Cyber Monday. This year will be no different. There are already coupon deals out for a few of the models, and there are expected to be plenty more through Cyber Monday.

Roborock vacuums are priced reasonably to begin with. The discounts this Cyber Monday make them even better.


When is Cyber Monday and Black Friday 2019?

Cyber Monday is the Monday after Black Friday. Cyber Monday is when brick and mortar retailers and online retailers promote their products heavily on their website.

In the last five years, the American-only shopping holiday has expanded around the world, first in Europe and now spreading into Asia.

Black Friday 2019 begins on Friday the 29th, 2019. It will extend into Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday the following days. However, many retailers start shoveling their deals before the Thanksgiving holiday as much as two weeks early.

The unofficial time frame for the Black Friday sales for 2019 will be November 25th through December 2nd, 2019. Specific retailers and online stores may extend that time period before or after, though, at their discretion.


What are the Best Cyber Monday Deals?

This list will be updated continuously throughout the Cyber Monday sales days, so you know which deals are active, which have expired, and if there are any last-minute changes. We recommend you bookmark this page and refresh often to find the best deal the moment you are ready to buy.

We continue to search and scour the internet and paper ads for the best Roborock Cyber Monday deals. It appears that the best deals will be found on the Roborock S6.

However, if you are interested in a Roborock vacuum, the latest model, the Roborock S4, is going to be your best bet. Unless you must have a robot that mops your floors, the S4 model is the most advanced and best cleaning robot of the entire Roborock lineup.

When searching for the best deals, you can expect the Roborock S6 to be discounted at least $100. However, Amazon will likely extend that price drop even further. As for the S4 model, a nominal $50 price drop is expected, but unconfirmed at this time.


Which Deal do we Recommend?

The best option is the Roborock S4. This is the model that is least likely to go on a large discount, though. The S4 is the latest model and isn’t in line for a huge reduction in the sale price to move units.

The S4 is already less expensive than the second-best option, the Roborock S6. A further discount on the S4 makes the purchase worth the wait. However, if you want a vacuum and robot, choose the S6. It is the most capable 3-in-1 model made by Roborock. In my experience, it is better to buy dedicated machines for mopping and vacuuming. But Roborock makes fine machines that do a good job of handling every task you throw at them.

Make sure you check back here often to get the latest price changes, sale updates, times, and details.

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