A side-by-side comparison of Roborock S6 vs Roborock S50.

Roborock S6 vs Roborock S50 – Every Difference Explained

There has been a lot of confusion surrounding the Roborock vacuum ever since the name became known. Are they a part of Xiaomi? Who owns the robots? Who makes them? The confusion began to clear up when the Roborock S5 was released, and Roborock made a name for itself as a brand.

Now the Roborock S6 and S5 Max are making headway, and people are left wondering about the Roborock S50. This review will explain what the Roborock S50 is, why you can forget it, and how it compares to the Roborock S6. Ready? Let’s get the confusion sorted out.

Differences between the Roborock S6 and Roborock S50

There are several differences between the S6 and S50 models. Here is an overview of those differences for you.

  • New side brush. The S6 uses a side brush with silicone fibers, where the S50 uses ABS material.
  • Select scheduling. You can choose specific rooms in your home and have the S6 clean those rooms only, and each at a specific time. The S50 doesn’t offer select room scheduling.
  • Water flow control. When mopping, the S50 only has one option for water flow to the mopping pad; on. The S6 allows you to select if the water should flow or trickle.
  • Map storage. With the S50 model, it will map and store a single floor plan of your home. The S6 can map and save three floor plans.
  • Charging station power cord. The power cord of the S6 charging station can be hidden behind the station now; with the S50, this wasn’t an option.
  • Noise levels. The S50 is much louder than the newer S6 when it comes to noise levels.
  • Roborock extends the warranty of the S6 to 2-years, over the 12-month warranty of the S50.

Similarities Between the Roborock S6 and S50

Of course, being from the same company and only a single generation apart, there are going to be a lot of similarities. Here is a list of the most important commonalities.

  • Wireless controls. Both the S50 and S6 use the same mobile app and voice commands.
  • HEPA filtration. Each of the robots uses an E-11 style, washable HEPA filter.
  • LIDAR navigation and mapping. The S6 and S50 are laser-guided navigating robots.
  • Battery capacity. The large 5200mAh battery is found in each model, providing 150 minutes of runtime each.
  • Suction power. The S50 and S6 robots produce about 2000pa suction power.
  • Dust and water bin capacities. Roborock uses the same collection bin and water reservoirs for each model.

What exactly is Roborock Model S50?

The confusion most consumers have when trying to compare these models started at the beginning. The Mijia robot, more commonly called the Xiaomi Mi, was the first robot released by the eco-system of corporate entities.

More than one company is involved in building these robots: Mijia, Roborock, Xiaomi, and many others. The first-gen stated “Mijia” on the faceplate, the second generation (commonly known as the Mi 2) had Roborock’s moniker on the faceplate.

This was the first introduction of the Roborock name to the industry, and they took off from there. Finally, they separated from Xiaomi and became their own entity. While there are other companies still making parts, Roborock controls the lion’s share and is making all the decisions.

They didn’t start from scratch, however, and have kept the naming pretty much the same. Now we have the S5, S50, S55, and the newer S6 and S5 Max.

Is the S50 the same as the S5?

In practical terms, there is no difference in the Roborock S5 and the Roborock S50. You can read all about the Roborock s5 vs s50 and how people are getting the models mixed up . In the meantime, here is what you need to know:

The S5 is the base model number. The third digit, in this case, the “0” is a reference to the color of the machine. A “0” refers to the base color of the series. In the case of the S5, the base color is white.

So, the S5 is a white robot and the S50 is the same white robot with the color code part of the model number shown. That’s it. That is the difference. Like I said, technically there isn’t a difference at all.

Specifications Chart

Here you can see what the two models offer you, their features and dimensions.

  Roborock S50 Roborock S6
Dimensions 13.7×13.8×3.8 inches 13.7×13.8×3.8 inches
Weight 7.7 pounds 7.7 pounds
Battery 5200mAh lithium-ion 5200mAh lithium-ion
Runtime Up to 150 minutes Up to 150 minutes
Charge Time 5 hours 5 hours
Automatic Recharge Yes Yes
Automatic Resume Yes Yes
 Filter E-11 HEPA, washable E-11 HEPA, washable
Motor Suction Up to 2000pa Up to 2000pa
Scheduling Yes Yes
Spot Cleaning Yes Yes
Real Time Location and Programming Yes Yes
Wireless Communications Yes Yes
Bluetooth No No
Local Controls Yes Yes
Remote Control No No
Mobile App Yes Yes
Voice Commands Yes Yes
Navigation Multi-Sensor Multi-Room Multi-Sensor Multi-Room
Mapping LDS LDS
Collection Bin Capacity 0.5L 0.5L
Water Reservoir Capacity 0.15L 0.15L
Noise Level 68dB 50dB
Adjustable Water Level No Yes
Select Room Navigation No Yes
Select Room Scheduling No Yes
Multiple Maps Stored No Yes (3 maps)
Containment Yes (app only) Yes (app only)
Side Brush 1 1
Floor Types All All
Speakers 2 2
Sensors 14 14
Dry Mop No No
Damp Mop Yes Yes
Wet Mop Yes Yes
Warranty 1 year 2 years
Price Check on Amazon Check on Amazon

Where Can I Learn More?

We have a detailed comparison of the Roborock S5 vs. S6  models for you to read through. It will detail both models (S50 included) in all their glory and will explain how everything works (or doesn’t work) so you can make an informed decision about which one to purchase.


As you can see, the Roborock S6 is a slightly better machine. This doesn’t mean the S50 won’t work for you, but if you’re going to spend the money, it is better to get the better robot in this instance, which would be the Roborock S6.

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