Roborock s7 versus Roborock Q7 Max

Roborock S7 vs Q7 Max – Not What You Think

The Roborock Q7 Max and Roborock S7 are two capable 2-in-1 robot vacuum and mops from Roborock. They both offer great features, but which one is the best for you? Here’s a comparison of the two to help you decide.

What Are the Differences between Roborock Q7 Max and S7?

The S7 has an advanced mop that retracts on carpet and vibrates when cleaning whereas the Q7 Max has a standard mop without these abilities. The Q7 Max has stronger suction than the S7. The Q7 Max has a combined dust bin and water tank unit whereas the S7’s dust bin and water tank are two separate containers.

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What Are the Similarities between Roborock Q7 Max and S7?

Both the Q7 Max and the S7 have an electronic water dispensing system. Both are LIDAR based. Both give you an excellent suite of containment options, and both allow you to clean just the areas you want on the schedule you want.

That was the summarized version, now let’s take a closer look at each difference.

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Difference 1. The S7 is equipped with a more advanced mop.

If you’re choosing between these two robots, mopping is probably somewhat important to you. If so, this difference alone may be enough to help you decide.

The S7 comes with an advanced mopping system that is designed to clean your floors more thoroughly and efficiently. Roborock calls it “VibraRise”, a name that refers to the fact that the mop vibrates at 3000 times per minute to create a “scrubbing” motion as it cleans your floors. The vibration allow for cleaning particularly tough stains that a regular mopping robot may not be able to clean with just one pass.

The Q7 max does not have this upgraded mopping system. Instead, it has the traditional fixed mop. While this still does a good job of cleaning, it’s not as effective as the S7’s

If you have a decent amount of hard surfaces in your house that require mopping, the S7 would be the better choice.

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Difference 2. The S7 can lift up its mop, the Q7 max cannot.

Another difference between these two models is that the S7 can lift up its mop when it detects carpet to avoid getting the carpet wet. This is the “rise” part of VibraRise. Sensors on the bottom of the robot constantly scan the floor to detect changes in surface type, and when carpet is detected, the mop is raised and water dispensing is paused.

This is a really convenient feature if you have a mix of hard surfaces and carpets or area rugs. On models without this feature, you would need to block off carpeted areas in the app if you don’t want the mopping pad to touch those areas. Or you can run the the robot without the mopping pad and let it roam freely. With the S7, all of this is managed automatically so you don’t have to pay attention to where the mop should or shouldn’t go.

The Q7 Max is one of those robots without VibraRise, so it won’t be able to retract the mop when it is on carpet. This can obviously lead to getting your carpet wet, which is not ideal.

The S7 is the winner here. The convenience that a retracting mop provides is a definite plus for those with both carpet and hard surfaces.

Difference 3. The Q7 max has more powerful suction than the S7.

The Q7max has a maximum suction power of 4200Pa, while the S7 has a maximum suction power of 2500Pa. Higher suction power means fewer passes are needed to achieve the same level of clean. But in everyday use, the difference is not that noticeable. Yes, it’s nice to have the extra power from the Q7 max when it’s needed, but for most people, the S7 will do a perfectly adequate job.

The Q7 Max wins for having much stronger suction.

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Difference 4. The Q7 max has a combined dust bin and water tank.

The Q7 Max is the first (and only) Roborock vacuum to have a 2-in-1 dust bin and water tank. The combo bin/tank is one unit and can’t be separated. In my opinion, this is a bit inconvenient. You can’t remove just the water tank or just the dust bin: you have to take both out together. Perhaps Roborock designed it this way to reserve as much space as possible for the contents of the containers: It has a 470 ml dustbin and 350 ml water tank.

The S7 has a separate tank for water and a separate bin for dust. You can remove one without removing the other. I think this is a more convenient design, as you can empty the bin without having to worry about the water from the water tank making a mess of things. The S7’s dustbin holds 470 ml and its water tank holds 300 ml.

This comes down to personal preference, as some will like the combined bin/tank and others won’t. Ultimately, this is a small issue and shouldn’t affect your decision much.

Now that you know the differences between these two robots, let’s take a look at what features they have in common.

Similarity 1. They both have electronic water tanks.

Both the Roborock S7 and Q7 Max have an electronic water dispensing system for the mop. This is in comparison to the gravity-based water dispensing system found on more budget Roborock machines.

The electronic system is a big step up, as it gives you precise control over exactly how much water to use for different areas of your house. For example, if you have hardwood floors that might be susceptible to excess moisture, you can tell the robot to use less water on those areas.

With the gravity system, water drips onto the mopping pad at a constant pace, which is fine if your whole house is one uniform surface. But if you have areas that need more or less water, the gravity system is a hassle to deal with.

Note: The Roborock Q7 MAX has an electronic water tank but the Roborock Q7 does not. The Q7 and Q7 Max are actually different enough that I think a wholly different name might be more appropriate.

In any case, the subjects of this article, the Q7 Max and the S7, both have the electronic water dispensing system.

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Similarity 2. Both have multiple containment options.

Roborock vacuums are known for having some of the best navigation and containment options in the industry, and the Q7 Max and the S7 are no exceptions.

With both these models, you have multiple ways of making sure the vacuum only cleans where you want it to.

For example, you can set up invisible walls to create boundaries that the vacuum will not cross. No-go zones are similar to invisible walls, except that they are form a rectangle instead of a line.

All these containment options give you a high degree of control over where your vacuum cleans. If you have a large house with certain areas where you don’t want the robot to go, these options will be very useful.

Similarity 3. Both are LIDAR based, allowing for precise mapping and smart navigation.

LIDAR, which stands for Light Detection and Ranging, uses lasers to create highly accurate 3D maps of an environment. This allows the vacuum to map your house accurately and clean the entire floor without missing any spots.

It also allows the vacuum to avoid large obstacles and navigate around furniture without getting stuck. Note that small obstacles on the ground are not visible to the robot because the LIDAR unit sits on top of the robot. For small object avoidance, you would need a robot vacuum with a front facing camera, such as the Roborock S6 MaxV.

Both the Q7 Max and S7 use LIDAR for mapping and navigation, so you can expect them to clean your home quickly and thoroughly.

Similarity 4. Both can selectively clean just the rooms you want.

With the Roborock app, you can divide your house into different rooms and even assign areas within rooms. You can then tell the robot to clean only the areas you want. For example, you can tell it to clean the kitchen every day but clean the master bedroom every other day. This gives you a great deal of control over how often different areas of your house are vacuumed and mopped.

This is one of the areas in which Roborock excels, and both the Q7 Max and the S7 have this feature.


The Roborock S7 and Q7 Max are two of the best Roborock vacuums available today. They both have excellent navigation and containment options. They are both very customizable when it comes configuring your desired cleaning schedule and location.

Who is the Roborock Q7 Max for?

If price is the main deciding factor, and your house consists of just type of flooring (for example, all carpet or all hardwood), the Q7 Max might be the way to go.

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Who is the S7 for?

If your house has a mix of hard and soft surfaces (e.g. hardwood with area rugs, or carpet with tile), the Roborock S7 is the better choice. The self-retracting mop minimizes hassle when it comes to mopping. The vibrating mop also gives the floor a more thorough clean. It is the better choice all-around, with the only drawback being its higher price.

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What about the differences between Roborock S7+ and the Q7 Max+?

The “+” sign after a model number just means it’s the base robot PLUS the auto-emptying base. In other words, the S7 is the robot vacuum plus mop, whereas the S7+ is the robot plus an auto-emptying base.

Similarly The Q7 Max+ is the same as the Q7 Max, except it comes with an auto-emptying base. The base is convenient because you don’t have to manually empty the dustbin after each cleaning session.

All the differences between the S7 and Q7 Max apply to the S7+ and Q7 Max+, because the base robot unit is the same.

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