Roborock S5 Max vs S6 Maxv – What They Don’t Tell You

In a nutshell, what are the differences between the Roborock S5 Max and the S6 MaxV?

The Roborock S5 Max and the Roborock S6 MaxV have a lot in common and are both highly rated robot vacuums. However, one of the biggest differences they have is that the S6 MaxV has dual front cameras, while the S5 Max does not. The S6 MaxV also has stronger suction power, while the S5 Max can cover a larger floor area than the S6 MaxV.

For a closer look at how these two robot vacuums differ, keep reading below.

Difference 1: The S6 MaxV can identify and avoid obstacles, while the S5 Max cannot.

The S6 MaxV has dual cameras that provide you with a view into your home when you’re away, allowing you to check in on your pets or just see if everything’s okay.

Additionally, because of its cameras, the S6 MaxV is able to identify and avoid obstacles on the floor. One of the cameras is also an infrared camera that allows the vacuum to “see” in the dark.

The S6 MaxV can recognize shoes, power cords, common household objects, and even pet waste. Once it identifies these objects, it will modify its route to avoid them.

The S5 Max does not have cameras and instead relies on its LIDAR and ground sensors to find its way around your home. It can modify its route according to how a room is laid out.

If you have a busy and hectic lifestyle and you don’t often have time to tidy up, the S6 MaxV can be helpful.

It will still be able to vacuum and mop your floors even when there’s clutter. Thus, it’s the better choice for people who are always on the go. It’s also great for households with pets because it can navigate around any potential surprises your furry loved ones might leave on the ground.

Difference 2: The S5 Max is more suited for larger homes.

The Roborock S5 Max can cover up to 2,600 square feet of floor space in one go, while the S6 MaxV can cover up to 2,150 square feet.

The S6 MaxV’s 2,150 square feet of coverage is already quite generous, larger than most other robot vacuums on the market.

However, with up to 2,600 square feet of coverage, the S5 Max is suited for larger family homes with around four bedrooms or more and plenty of space for extras.

The S6 MaxV, meanwhile, can easily work with a three- or four-bedroom single-family home.

If you have lots of space in your home, the S5 Max will likely serve you well. The S6 MaxV will also do a good job because it can automatically recharge if it runs low on battery and go right back to cleaning once it has enough juice to finish the job.

Difference 3: The S6 MaxV has stronger suction.

The S5 Max has 2,000 Pa of suction power, while the S6 MaxV has 2,500 Pa. While the Roborock S5 Max can cover a larger floor area, the S6 MaxV boasts 25% more suction power.

Even so, the S5 Max is still quite powerful and can reliably vacuum your floors well. It also works well on low- and medium-pile carpets, and it can easily rid your home of pet fur and hair.

However, the S6 MaxV can give your home a deeper clean and can be more effective against stubborn and deep-seated dirt.

Compared to other vacuums, the S5 Max’s suction is quite powerful. However, the S6 MaxV still has it beat.

Similarities between the Roborock S5 Max and the S6 MaxV

Similarity 1: Both models can mop efficiently.

The Roborock S5 Max and the S6 MaxV are both designed to be able to mop your floors well with minimal effort from you.

Both models are equipped with electric water tanks, which means that they both have the no-mop zones feature.

The water tanks automatically stop the flow of water when the vacuums are on rugs or carpets, or when they’re in any room that’s been designated as a no-mop zone.

Additionally, you can set different amounts of water for mopping depending on the room.

For example, you can use the app to tell the vacuums to use more water when mopping the kitchen and to use less water when mopping the dining area.

With a capacity of 297 ml, the S6 MaxV’s water tank is just slightly larger than the S5 Max’s 290 ml water tank.

However, the difference is negligible and probably won’t be noticeable in practice.

Both the S5 Mx and the S6 MaxV are designed to apply the same mopping pressure all throughout their cleaning session to ensure consistent mopping.

Similarity 2: Both models automatically top up their batteries.

The S5 Max and S6 MaxV both have a runtime of 180 minutes. These robot vacuums will clean your house regardless of whether or not you’re there, as long as they’re programmed to do so. That’s enough time to do other chores around the house, go to dinner, see a movie, or run errands.

If these vacuums sense they are running low on power in the middle of a cleaning session, they’ll automatically stop cleaning and return to their docking station to recharge.

Once they have enough power to continue the rest of the scheduled cleaning session, they’ll resume vacuuming and mopping as directed.

Similarity 3: Both have LiDAR navigation.

The S5 Max and the S6 MaxV can navigate the different rooms in your home with the help of LiDAR technology. LiDAR enables a lot of these vacuums’ features, particularly the multi-level mapping feature.

With the multi-level mapping function, these vacuums will be able to scan and map out up to four floor levels of your home. They’ll also be able to store these maps in their memories, so they won’t have to re-scan each level each time they have to clean it.

You’ll only have to set up no-mop zones, no-go zones, and the like just once, and these vacuums will remember these settings for future cleaning sessions.

One thing to remember is that you’ll need to carry these vacuums up and down to each floor level. You’ll also have to remember to bring the vacuums back to the level where their docking stations are located.

Similarity 4: Both models can be controlled in multiple ways.

Both the S5 Max and the S6 MaxV are compatible with the Roborock mobile app, and they also allow voice control. You can also use the buttons on the vacuums for programming.

The Roborock app makes it convenient for you to set up cleaning schedules, designate invisible walls, assign no-mop and no-go zones, and more. You’ll also be able to see the maps of the different levels of your home on the app.

Additionally, these vacuums are compatible with voice assistants like Alexa, Siri, or Google, so you’ll be able to give a variety of simple voice commands. You can also set up schedules and zones simply by telling the vacuums what to do.

If you want to kick it old-school, you can input the settings you want using the physical buttons on the vacuums.

Similarity 5: Both models have the same navigation functions.

Aside from multi-level mapping, both the S5 Max and the S6 MaxV allow no-mop zones, no-go zones, and invisible walls. These functions tell the vacuums to avoid certain areas in your home or to stop mopping in carpeted areas without stopping vacuuming as well.

Programming these functions in the app is intuitive, and they help these vacuums clean your home exactly the way you want it to be cleaned.


Is the Roborock S5 Max worth buying?

Yes. The Roborock S5 Max was released in 2019 and is a bit older than many other robot vacuums, but it’s still worth buying. You might even find some good deals for a brand-new unit online.

Can the Roborock S6 MaxV vacuum and mop at the same time?

Yes. It has its vacuum suction port near its front end, and its mop attachment goes on the back end. It mops your floors right as the vacuum sucks up dirt and debris, thus vacuuming as well as mopping your floors in each pass.

Can the Roborock S5 Max clean carpets?

The Roborock S5 Max can clean bare floors, carpets, and rugs. It automatically increases suction once its sensors detect that it’s currently on carpeted floors. With its increased suction, it can loosen up deep-seated dirt and help keep your carpets clean.

Can the Roborock S5 Max work in the dark?

Yes, both the S5 Max and the S6 MaxV can vacuum and mop in the dark. The S5 Max has sensors and a laser system that allow it to detect the layout of the room. The vacuum will then be able to figure out an efficient cleaning route without having to see where it’s going.

The S6 MaxV has dual front cameras in addition to its LIDAR system. One of the cameras sees in infrared and allows the vacuum to see in the dark, so it doesn’t need light to be able to move around.

How often should you clean Roborock vacuums?

Roborock recommends that you clean your robot vacuum thoroughly at least once a month.

Fortunately, both the S5 Max and the S6 MaxV are designed for easy maintenance. You’ll be able to easily remove hairs and fur from the brushes, and their filters are washable and reusable.


The Roborock S5 Max and Roborock S6 MaxV outperform each other in different aspects, and it can be difficult to choose between the two.

The S6 MaxV has dual cameras that allow for obstacle avoidance. It also has 25% stronger suction compared to the S5 Max. However, the Roborock S5 Max is able to cover a larger floor area in one go.

If you’re looking for a vacuum with stronger suction or one with cameras that enable object identification and avoidance, then go for Roborock S6 MaxV.

However, if you are privacy-conscious, you may want a robot vacuum that doesn’t have cameras. In this case, the S5 Max is the better choice. It’s also more suited for those with larger homes.

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