Roborock s6 pure VS Roborock s7

Roborock S6 Pure vs S7 – Differences Explained

In a nutshell, what are the differences between the Roborock S6 Pure and the S7?

  • The Roborock S7’s mop can scrub the floor, while the S6 Pure’s mop can only wipe it.
  • The S7 has an electronic water tank, whereas the Roborock S6 Pure has a gravity-fed water tank.
  • The S7 is compatible with the Auto-Empty Dock, while the S6 Pure is not.
  • Finally, the S7 can cover a larger floor area than the S6 Pure.

For a closer look at each of these two robot vacuums, continue reading below!

Difference 1: The Roborock S7 has VibraRise technology, the S6 Pure does not.

VibraRise is Roborock’s sonic mopping technology, which enables the S7 to scrub floors 3,000 times per minute.

Because of this technology, the S7 is able to get rid of dried stains, dirty footprints, mud, and other kinds of messes more easily.

The S6 Pure, meanwhile, is not equipped with VibraRise. It can thus wipe the floors with a wet cloth as it vacuums, but it will be very difficult for it to be able to remove the kind of dirt that the S7 can.

Instead, the S6 can work well on fresh spills and can help maintain the cleanliness of your floors.

Additionally, VibraRise technology enables the S7’s mop attachment to retract up into the robot vacuum’s body to avoid low-pile carpets.

This way, the wet mop cloth won’t dampen the carpet’s surface.

However, it’s important to note that the S7’s mop attachment won’t be able to avoid medium- and high-pile carpets even when retracted.

Because of its sonic mopping and mop-lifting capabilities, the S7 is more effective than the S6 Pure at mopping. Thus, it’s the clear winner in this regard.

Difference 2: The S7’s water tank is larger and is electronic.

The S7 has a 300 ml water tank, and the S6 Pure has a 180 ml water tank.

Thus, the S7 can carry significantly more water and can mop a larger floor area than the S6 Pure without the need for refills.

Another difference is that the S7’s water tank is electronic. This means that you’ll be able to control the flow of water on the app.

An electronic water tank will also enable the no-mop zones feature because the robot vacuum will be able to automatically cut the flow of water as soon as it enters those zones.

Meanwhile, the S6 Pure’s water tank is gravity-fed. This means that as soon as the tank is filled with water and attached to the robot vacuum, the water will flow continuously until it runs out or until you remove the tank.

This means that you won’t be able to control the flow of water and you won’t be able to designate areas as no-mop zones.

However, if you want the S6 Pure to solely vacuum certain rooms and areas, you can take off the mop attachment instead.

The S7 can provide you with more convenience because all you’ll have to do is program no-mop zones. The robot vacuum will then automatically stop the flow of water from its tank.

However, if you don’t mind taking some extra time to remove the S6 Pure’s mop attachment to prevent the water from flowing, then it’s also a good choice.

Difference 3: The S7 can automatically empty its dustbin if you have the Roborock Auto-Empty Dock.

The Auto-Empty Dock is sold separately, but you can buy it if you want to save time and reduce the maintenance you have to do for your robot vacuum.

This dock has its own receptacle that can fit a 3-liter waste bag. If you have this dock, the S7 will automatically return to it after every cleaning session and empty its dustbin into the dock’s receptacle.

Thus, you’ll only have to empty the bag once or twice a month, depending on how often you use the robot vacuum.

Meanwhile, the S6 Pure is not compatible with the Auto-Empty Dock. You’ll have to empty its dustbin yourself, though it’s not difficult and won’t take much time.

If you have a few minutes to spare, you can empty the dustbin manually at the end of each cleaning session.

However, if you’re a busy person and you need to be able to rely on your robot vacuum to maintain the cleanliness of your home without much intervention from you, then the S7 is the better choice.

Difference 4: The S7 can clean a larger area than the S6 Pure on a single charge.

The S7 can cover a floor area of 2,150 square feet on just one charge, while the S6 Pure can cover an area of 1,610 square feet.

However, you won’t have to worry as much about the area these robot vacuums can cover because they have the auto top-off feature. If they run out of battery before being able to clean the whole house, they’ll return to their dock to recharge.

If you’re looking for the convenience of having a robot vacuum that can clean a large space without having to recharge, then the S7 is the better choice. With the auto top-off feature, the S6 Pure can also cover a larger floor area if you allow it to recharge and go right back to work until it’s done cleaning your whole house.

Similarities between the Roborock S6 Pure and the S7

Similarity 1: Both models have the auto top-up feature.

If their batteries start running low in the middle of a cleaning schedule, both the S6 Pure and the S7 will automatically return to their docking station and recharge. Once they have enough power, they’ll go right back to cleaning your home.

Because of this feature, you won’t have to keep an eye on either robot vacuum and plug it in yourself to recharge. You’ll be able to go to work, run errands, take care of other chores, and more without worrying about coming back to a half-cleaned home.

However, you’ll have to make sure that the robot vacuum has access to its docking station. If the dock is on a different floor, for example, the vacuum won’t be able to recharge automatically.

Both models also have a maximum runtime of 3 hours. However, they’ll likely only be able to last this long if you keep the suction power at its minimum level. If you use the highest settings, the battery will likely run out sooner.

Similarity 2: Both models rely on LiDAR navigation.

LiDAR technology enables the Roborock S6 Pure and S7 to navigate your home and figure out the best way to clean it.

Both models are able to scan your home and save maps of each floor level. With the multi-level mapping feature, these robot vacuums will be able to save up to four different maps. They thus won’t have to re-scan each floor level for every new cleaning session.

You’ll also be able to use these maps to set no-go zones, no-mop zones, and invisible walls.

Additionally, these robot vacuums are equipped with sensors that prevent them from falling off of edges. They can thus vacuum and mop right to the edge of the top step of your staircase without completely falling off. Additionally, they’ll be able to effectively avoid various obstacles around your home.

Both vacuums can also scan each room and determine the best route to take to ensure efficient cleaning. The robot vacuums can thus adapt their routes to get the best results.

Similarity 3: Both models can be controlled via the app, voice commands, and buttons.

The Roborock app can make controlling your vacuum easy. You’ll be able to see the maps of the floor levels of your home, and you’ll be able to easily draw no-go zones, no-mop zones, and invisible walls. Additionally, you’ll be able to set cleaning schedules, adjust the suction power, and more.

Both vacuums are also compatible with Alexa or Google Home. Once you’ve set this up, you’ll be able to give voice commands to your robot vacuum. This can be especially useful if you’re busy cooking, doing laundry, or doing anything else that can keep you from easily accessing the app.

Another way to control these robot vacuums is by using their buttons. You won’t be able to use a lot of the features available on the app, but you’ll be able to at least turn these vacuums on and get them to start cleaning.

Similarity 4: Both models can detect carpeted floors.

Once these robot vacuums detect that they’re currently on a carpeted surface, they’ll automatically increase their suction power to the maximum level. This enables them to be able to suck up the dirt and debris that are stuck deep in the fibers of the carpet. When the vacuums return to bare floors, they’ll reduce their suction power once again.

The carpet boost feature is especially convenient because you won’t have to manually increase or decrease the suction power yourself. It can also help you maintain the cleanliness of your carpets, which can reduce the need for more intensive cleaning in the future.


What’s the difference between the Roborock S6 and S6 Pure?

The Roborock S6 has a 140 ml water tank, while the S6 Pure has a 180 ml water tank. The S6 also has better brush bristles and tends to be quieter than the S6 Pure. Other than these differences, however, the S6 and S6 Pure have a lot of similarities.

How do you set no-mop zones with the Roborock S6 Pure?

Because the S6 Pure has a gravity-fed water tank, the water will flow continuously out of the tank until it runs out. This means that there’s no way to control the flow of water out of the tank. Thus, you won’t be able to set no-mop zones when using the S6 Pure.

Does the Roborock S7 come with an Auto-Empty Dock?

No. While the S7 is compatible with the Auto-Empty Dock, the dock is sold separately.

Thus, if you want your S7 to automatically empty its dustbin, you’ll have to purchase the Auto-Empty Dock as well.

Alternatively, you can get the S7 plus, which includes the base S7 robot and the Auto-Empty Dock.

How do I mop with Roborock S7?

The S7 is equipped with VibraRise technology, so it has sonic mopping and mop-lifting capabilities. Simply fill up its water tank, secure the water tank on the robot vacuum, then set a cleaning schedule. The S7 will then scrub floors 3,000 times a minute, and it will also automatically lift its mop attachment to avoid getting low-pile carpets wet.

Can I use soap in Roborock S7?

No. It’s recommended that you use only plain water for mopping with the S7. Adding anything else to the water in the tank can cause damage to some of the robot vacuum’s metal parts. However, you can opt to spray a cleaning solution on the floor before mopping, which can help prevent corrosion in the vacuum.


The Roborock S7 offers more convenience and features than the S6 Pure, but the S6 Pure can still work well for many.

If you have a busy lifestyle and you don’t have much time during the day for housework, the S7 is the better choice. You won’t need to keep an eye on it too much, and you’ll be able to just set a schedule and let the vacuum figure out the rest.

Its mopping features, namely the sonic mopping and mop-lifting capabilities, also ensure that the S7 is efficient and easy to use. It’s also a good choice if you have a larger home and not much free time.

Meanwhile, the Roborock S6 Pure is better for those who have little to no carpeted areas, or don’t mind exerting a little extra effort when it comes to running the mopping function.

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