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Roborock S6 vs Roborock S50 – Every Difference Explained

There has been a lot of confusion surrounding the Roborock vacuum ever since the name became known. Are they a part of Xiaomi? Who owns the robots? Who makes them? The confusion began to clear up when the Roborock S5 was released, and Roborock made a name for itself as a brand.

Roborock S6 vs Roomba 980 – Which is the Right Choice for You?

Now that Roborock has fundamentally broken away from the Xiaomi network of robot building, they are making a splash and a name for themselves. In the meantime, iRobot continues to raise the bar with technological advancements. While the Roborock S6 doesn’t compete well with the likes of the Roomba i7 , how does it compare to the Roomba 980?

Roomba 695 Review – A Reliable Robot Vacuum on a Budget

It is no secret that even budget-friendly Roomba models are lack-luster in their feature offerings. In order to save you money, the robots are stripped of the more expensive items. The Roomba 600 series continues to drop in price, making it more attractive to first-time robot vacuum owners.

Roomba 665 Review – Cleaning Power Without the Fuss

When it comes to cleaning your floors, it used to be a chore. Pull the heavy vacuum from the closet, unwind the cord, plug it in, vacuum a little, move to another outlet, repeat until done. Now, with the aid of robotic vacuums, you can do less manual floor cleaning and spend more time doing what you like to do.

Roomba 618 Review – A Basic yet Reliable Robot Vacuum

Yet another entry in the Roomba class that is quickly becoming the best budget-friendly line-ups in the industry, the Roomba 618 gives you a clean you can trust without a lot of extras to get in the way. Depending on your specific needs and preferences the 618 could be the perfect model for you.