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Roomba 665 Review – Cleaning Power Without the Fuss

When it comes to cleaning your floors, it used to be a chore. Pull the heavy vacuum from the closet, unwind the cord, plug it in, vacuum a little, move to another outlet, repeat until done. Now, with the aid of robotic vacuums, you can do less manual floor cleaning and spend more time doing what you like to do.

Roomba 618 Review – A Basic yet Reliable Robot Vacuum

Yet another entry in the Roomba class that is quickly becoming the best budget-friendly line-ups in the industry, the Roomba 618 gives you a clean you can trust without a lot of extras to get in the way. Depending on your specific needs and preferences the 618 could be the perfect model for you.

Roomba 640 Review: Is This Roomba Worth Your Money?

The Roomba line keeps pushing out models with slight changes, trying to find the perfect balance between cost-savings and marketability. The Roomba 640 takes the advancements of the Roomba 690 and subtracts WiFi communications as well as dollars.

Roomba e5 vs Roomba 980 – Let’s Compare!

When iRobot released the Roomba i7, it was touted by the company as the greatest robot they have ever made; Unseating the Roomba 980 as the top-tier model. Some believe the Roomba 980 is still the best of the best. However, the release of the budget-friendly Roomba e5 is still turning heads.

Braava Jet M6 vs 380t: Mopping Robot Showdown

The makers of Roomba robotic vacuums also make robotic mops. These devices aren’t a 3-in-1 machine trying to do too much. They have one job, and they do it well. Just like the Roomba robots only vacuum, the Braava robots only mop. Which one, though, is right for you?