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Best Roomba for Pet Hair – The Ultimate Guide

We all love our pets; they are our family. Just like family, we have to pick up after them. It isn’t a problem until we grab the broom and have to collect the mounds of fur that have accumulated around the house. The corners and edges of your home hold enough hair to build a new puppy. Roomba robots are adept at cleaning up pet fur.

Roomba 671 Review – A Basic Vacuum at a Reasonable Price

The search has always been to find the robot vacuum that fits every category of want and need for ourselves, our homes and our families. The problem is, we all have a different idea of what “perfect” is. Some want more control; some want less. Some want a primary vacuum; some want a secondary.

Here are 3 Robot Vacuums You Can Get for Under $100 in 2019

I know what you are all thinking. You read the title, maybe you clicked the link and here you are, wondering. Can it be true? Can there be a robotic vacuum that doesn’t cost over $800, and in fact, can be picked up for less than $100? It has to be a dream, right?

Which Samsung Powerbot Model is the Best?

Samsung has created quite a few robot vacuums and each has their own strengths and weaknesses. The right model for you, your home and your preferences may not be the best option for the next person in line.

Eufy RoboVac vs Ecovacs Deebot – How Do They Compare?

Budget robotic vacuums, or entry-level as they are also known, are becoming more and more popular in homes across the country. Not only for their lower price tag but also for their ability to clean sufficiently enough for most homes. The Eufy 11S and the Ecovacs Deebot N79S are two such robots and the two I will compare today.

Here are the Best Robot Vacuums Under $200 in 2019

When it comes to value and more bang for your buck, it seems that the robot vacuum world doesn’t keep up. More often than not, they expect you to pay premium prices for services and technology that are becoming more and more standard.

Pure Clean Robotic Vacuum Review – One of the Most Affordable Robots Ever

If I told you that you could have a robotic floor cleaner for less than $100 you would probably look at me sideways. With Roomba and Samsung and others companies charging well over a thousand dollars for their robots, it seems unlikely. It is true, though. Pure Clean is a relatively new company (under the seller name of Pyle) that offers entry-level robots at amazingly low prices.

The Best Robot Mops of 2019 – A Guide to Picking Yours

Why stop at just vacuuming and sweeping your floors when you can have a robot that also mops them? Seriously guys, if we are going to have smart homes and autonomous cleaners do the heavy lifting for us, we may as well go all out. Put the Swiffer away and let the robots take over. Of course, not in a maniacal way. The Singularity is not quite upon us.