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Roomba e6 Review – What is This Elusive Robot?

The 2018 releases of the Roomba robots saw the introduction of the Roomba i7, i7+, e5 and Roomba e6. While we have covered the i7 series and the e5 in detail, a lot of questions have arisen about the e6. What is it? Where can I get it? How come it isn’t for sale on the iRobot website?

Roomba Pet Series in 2019 – A Complete Guide

In late 2010 and into 2011, iRobot introduced a trio of robot vacuums dubbed the Roomba Pet Series. They were specially designed to collect pet hair from flooring and carpet with additional features other early Roomba models didn’t have. Fast forward eight years and the Pet Series is no longer relevant. In fact, they aren’t even available for purchase any longer.

Roomba s9+ Review – Why So Expensive?

For over 20 years, manufacturers have been trying to make Rosie from the Jetson’s a reality. Can a robot vacuum be as thorough and robust as a manual plug-in upright? Enter the Roomba s9+, a robot vacuum that could, possibly, be the answer.

Roomba s9+ vs Roomba i7+: Which One is the Best for You?

When the iRobot CEO, Colin Angle, stated that the Roomba i7+ was as close as they have ever come to their original vision, we assumed that we might have reached the pinnacle of robotic vacuums. However, just seven short months later, we have the release of the Roomba s9+, a vacuum that promises to be even better.

Neato BotVac D7 Connected vs. Roomba i7

Neato and Roomba have been battling for the crown of best robotic vacuum since Neato came to town. When the BotVac D7 Connected was introduced, it held its own against the mighty Roomba 980. While most consider that it fell short, eyes moved to the Roomba i7. Could this be the end-all-be-all of robotic vacuums? Not quite. Though it is closer.

Roomba 635 Review – Get It Before It’s Extinct

There are many reasons why you may want a robotic vacuum that doesn’t have wireless communications. Off the top of my head I can think of a few: Perhaps you don’t have a mobile device, or your device isn’t compatible with the apps, You don’t want your robot being hacked, you don’t have a wireless router in your home.